Introducing Cotton Coin, The Future for the Cotton Industry

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The history of cotton is as old as mankind itself, somehow along the annals of history, man must have discovered that the plant Gossypium sp would form a part of his everyday life which led him to preserve the cotton seed from generations to generations.

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Sir Richard Arkwright at Cromford in the UK built the world first true factor to produce cotton which led to the production of cotton garments we wear because of its comfort, shoelaces, bedspreads, socks etc.
The 'flying shuttle' the machine invented by John Kay allowed wider cloth to be weaved at a faster speed than before in 1733.

Today, cotton referred to as the ‘white gold’ is ubiquitous and in high demand on a daily basis, but there is a great challenge for the cotton farmer to produce it due to some prevailing circumstances like environmental pollution, lack of government support and corruption etc.

India which happens to be one of the biggest cotton producers has lost over 300,000 cotton farmers in the past two decades. These cotton farmers had to take their lives because they could not meet up with the challenges posed by cotton farming.

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Thanks to the blockchain, these calamities would soon be past tenses because the cotton coin which runs on the blockchain would help to assuage these problems. The cotton coin has a built-in peer to peer payment network that can be used as an alternative to fiat for a transaction. This coin hopes to improve the distribution of cotton, resolve the procurement and fight off the corruption that has bedeviled the cotton industry. With the cotton coin on board, trust can be re-established between cotton producers, consumers, and the government, producing a favorable market for cotton to sell.

The cotton coin would not require a third party to complete transactions and it would be a global coin to hold.

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The team behind the cotton coin initiative are Shiv Kumar( the Chief Executive Officer, Takeshi(Technical Director), and Piotr Leib (Community Manager).

  • If you want to know more about this project, their website should be your first point of call.

  • If you want to read more about cotton coin, you will find useful information in the Whitepaper.

  • In case you still have a question about this project, feel free to drop a message and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

This is my entry for cotton coin writing contest, sponsored by @crypto.piotr


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Great entry mate. I see you enter a few of these sponsored writing contests. I might have to enter a few as well. I really enjoyed this contest and reading the various entries by other authors.

Well done on your entry and let's hope for a winning place!

Thats the fastest way to get to learn about bitcoin i think. You would do well if you venture into them.

I definitely will. I'm glad I checked your blog out. :)

After reading a bunch of contest entries, it was nice to go back to 1733 and learn about the ‘flying shuttle’.

Lol, thanks for reading.

Hi @antigenx

Hell, that was a long week. I didnt expect this contest to become so popular. I expected 15-20 reviews about Cotton Coin but ended up with almost 60 entries. Crazy but positive :)

Let me already express how personally grateful I am for your support. It has been my first sponsored contest and I've learned already a big deal.

Regardless if you will be one of awarded winners or not - I want you to know that I will do my best to check your profile every few days and support all quality content related to blockchain, AI, human psychology or crypto (as those are my main passions).

I have almost 60 reviews to check and I want personally read each one. It make take me some time but I will definetly reply to any of yours comments.

Also: Im looking for few judges who would help me select best reviews. Please check also my latest post (contest update) for more details.

Obviously upvoted :)

Keep in touch,

Thanks for the feedback, i might be able to help out, seems im less busy this week. Let'ss meet off the blockchain in our usual space to further discuss.

That was a great contest debut.

Please accept my appplogy for such a late reply @antigenx

Past several days has been very hectic and busy and I didn't have enough time to reply all received comments. Usually I have time to do that on weekends.

Thank you for your never ending support. I appreciate it a lot.

That was a great contest debut.

I've been quite amazed with response as well.

ps. what means Kudos?


Very short and brief. Hope you make it in to my final pick. On behalf of @crypto.piotr, thanks for participating and good luck @antigenx

I was very moved reading your post, it's very informative and educative with just a glimpse people can see the plight of cotton farmers and the viable solution offered by cotton coin. Thanks for such a wonderful review...cheers..

Lovely write up! I have learnt alot from your write up about Cotton Coin. This is very impressive. I wish you success in the contest.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love [email protected] 🙌💗😁

Great post.

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We would like to confirm that your entry has been submited. Thank you for your time and effort.

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I love coin business!!!

This looks like a good project.

Yes it is @nmalove, you were not there for the @wafrica party on Sunday lol. You may need to pay your fine to me lol!. I can bet you don't know me hihihi!

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Nice one sir antigenx!