New cooperative CryptoMarket Calendar

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The site CoinMarketCal

It's a new cooperative site where everybody can put an information about cryptocurrencies, like a future features, a hard fork... This way, we can know what changes would be made to a certain crypto, but we would be able to estimate the impact on the price.


Yes, the site is interesting, but what happen if somebody put a wrong information intentionnaly or not? There is the cooperative part, everybody can vote and say if he know that the information is true or not:

This way, the information can be approved by everyone without any account.

How to

To create an event, just click on the "add event" button:

and then complete the crypto which would be affected, the title, the category, the date, your image proof or a link to a proof... You can even put a donation address to let peoples thank you by crypto!

And then just let the peoples show their mind!


Another great site to share informations to everyone, it pursue the goal of decentralized networks: let everybody share their mind and participate!

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