JSE coin revolutionnary Crypto use Browser mining with Javascript

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Javascript Embeded Coin makes mining easier

a new site: jsecoin.com created a new way to mine: Browser mining. The site will make turn a Javascipt miner in your browser to mine JSEcoin, this new solution of mining is very simple and quite easy, no need farm rig, or GPUs, just need browser, and internet.

Start mining!

to start mining, just need to create an account:

After creating your account, got to the "Mining" tab:

and then press "start mining" button:

(PS: you can make mining faster by selecting "Hash rate acceleration to "9":


Actually, JSEcoin is still at beta, is value is fixed for the moment to 1USD=1JSE.
But the way that JSE is securised is very interesant and would be a great investment.


In one hand, we have JSEcoin who choosed to be mined by browser and to make this technic usable by everyone, but on the other hand, this practice can be dangerous. JSEcoin has also a "Website mining" solution: if you have a site, blog... you can add a script referal code in your page's code which will let your visitors mine for you, this solution shall replace the ads, and would be silent. It would not disturb the visitor so he can scroll the site a make what he want, and you'll earn JSE, but the solution can be turned into a malicious script: some sites like coinehive.com propose a JavaScript miner too, and some site use them to make money by visitors. But some peoples use them too much, the browser get slower and can even get stuck. The proposal isn't bad, but some guys use it in a bad way, enough for Opera developers to integrate a JavaScript miner blocker into the browser. (http://www.zdnet.com/article/opera-just-added-a-bitcoin-mining-blocker-to-its-browser/, http://macdailynews.com/2017/12/22/opera-adds-bitcoin-mining-blocker-to-its-browser/)


JSEcoin is a good idea, even a very good project. Mining crypto with JavaScript is a good idea, and he isn't the first who get the idea, and it can even replace the ads, but unhopefully, because of some guys who decided to use background hard mining, the peoples who decided to use background soft mining won't get a chance because the script will be blocked. It will be the same problem than the ads: a good and a regular use won't disturb the visitors, but pop-ups do and force people to use adblocks. Anyway, if you want to test it, here is my referral link: jsecoin :D and good mining!

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