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Th eworld as we know it has become a global village, where you can tour from he comfort of your home with the help of your keyboard, mouse and monitor. For this to happen effectively, new innovations come up everyday.
People work on existing apps and softwares, while hot heads go on to invent and upgrade.
Sancoj is one of such inventions, Sancoj is the answer to most of our daily needs, as humans, not just in the 21 century, but in a digital age.
The aim for creating and inventing a platform is to harness oppurtunities makes it the hub of a cognitive-inventive future. The world is driven by oppurtunities and made functional by this framework.
The Sancoj platform through the blockchain technology framework is termed as the first and only opportunity supermarket on the blockchain. It shapes the eventfulness and drive when users come across opportunities in general.
Sancoj is built into the Zingo suggestive artificial intelligence opportunity framework. Zingo helps to shape and navigate on the proficiency, balance, focus, functionality and usefulness of the platform, sancoj is unique in its operations and emergence.j.png

Being the first Ethereum based opportunity marketplace, its aim is to shape and transform the market with limitless possibilities. This will aid and create future plans and successes for all users. It can also be generally said, that the vast amount of opportunities and prospects users of Sancoj would enjoy are enormous and significantly a case of providence.

Sancoj is uniquely about opportunities for users at a very low cost and even ultimately free as a platform. The platform offers free opportunities for users through job openings and connections, event handling, contracts, talent management, distributorship, learning and knowledge acquisitions etc, all opportunities are online and offline.
This process is achieved through the factor algorithm sequence and data management system used on the Sancoj platform. It is called the Zingo tool, Zingo as iterated, uses the artificial intelligence decision framework to make cognitive decisions on opportunities for the users.
The user doesn't have to rely on his reasoning and intuition alone in case of making such decisions. This is what Sancoj brings to the blockchain market-play-ground for all its users.


The Sancoj platform is defined by its framework for clearly placed usefulness and opportunity provision, created and designed with features that are validated for solving problems. This in turn is an iterated answer to questions or problems as the case maybe.
In total Sancoj is designed to solve relatively about ten (10) problems in general.

Thus,some of the major or focal solutions include answers to using only one platform for getting all access to opportunities without spending so much time on vast platforms and on the internet.
Sancoj provides just one interface for chatting, get funds, purchase numerable franchises and gain more access to opportunities with increase productivity level inter-play etc.

In addition, Sancoj answers the problems associated with free cost on all transactions for users. In essence anything posting, done online cost money, this is why Sancoj offers you, the user zero transaction cost on all dealings and activities carried out on the Sancoj platform.

Thirdly, Sancoj is built on the Etheruem blockchain smart contract files. Any activity carried out by the user wether payments, being made for jobs, and others get speedy returns on activities.

Furthermore, Sancoj platform deals with fraud issues online using the escrow validation system. This makes the use of online transactions and deals very easy and reliable in general.

With the escrow system issues of disagreements can’t surface. This has led Sancoj to create a legal negotiations team that handles disagreements and all forms of dissatisfaction and discord. Sancoj is unique as it further provides the user opportunities to explore in other areas of their hobby which can provide more financial breakthrough without limiting themselves to just one area of training as the case maybe.
This, can be called the Zingo Artificial Intelligence thinking for users.

Users are sometimes faced with issues of funds. Zingo artificial intelligence thinker provides suggestive funders, persuade funders, informs funders, deal with all negotiations agreement and strategies for paybacks, grants and loan limitless options. This goes a long way in making sure users gain access to funds in general.

Sancoj also solves the problem of cashing put funds, this can be done through the use of Sancoj debit card on ATMs, POS and other online platforms.
Sancoj solves the issue of transparency on all projects and authorisations and bidding leverages are not properly checked by users etc"(


The Sancoj Pre-Sales starts from April 16 - April 23 2018.
The Token distribution will be five(5) billion for Softcap at 100 ETH.
Its Hardcap will be 2941 ETH at 408 per ETH.

The corresponding Price is rated at $0.00024 (1 ETH = 1,700,000) with any Accepted Currencies as Ethereum (ETH).
It's bonus is rated at 68.75% off.
The Sancoj' ICO between May 1 - May 30, 2018 will witness a whopping Token distribution for the allocated 50 billion SANC tokens to investors worldwide.

However (People from China and US are not to participate) in this ICO.
All details can be further accessed at


The Sancoj platform provides an ICO Supply of 50%. The Early Investors gets 10% allocation with Future Use (To be locked for 2 years) of 30% The Team (To be locked for 6 months) gets 5%.
Partnership Appreciation will be 2%. Bounty operations will be 1%. Airdrop & Reward pool is 1% while Advisors will also get 1%.


The sancoj fund raised will be alloacted as detailed below.

-Partnership Acquisition & Expansion(5%)

Token name is SANCOJ with an Abbreviation as SANC on the crypto marketplace.


Tokensale Announcement page:


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