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So, my dear readers, I am pleased to present you a new blockchain project called - VITA. If we briefly describe this project, then its main feature will be an improved system of lending or buying your own home, using all the most advanced blockchain technologies and related tools. If earlier we were faced with projects aimed only to a greater extent on real estate investment and obtaining further income from them. VITA has a purposeful vector aimed directly at acquiring its own home with the help of modern technologies, as well as other privileges, which you will learn about later.

It is important to note that the VITA project itself is aimed only at conscientious and able to pay their "mortgage" rates using the transparent and secure VITA platform. At the same time, this will allow him to significantly save his time and money that the user previously spent on communicating with traditional mortgages. Therefore, before plunging into the world of VITA opportunities, you should carefully think: “Are you able to regularly pay your mortgage bills”?! If the answer is Yes! Then welcome to the VITA family. If your answer is no! Then you should not even start your relationship with VITA, because its whole principle is aimed at harmonious, conscientious, responsible and more comfortable relations with your users. For what, in principle, all this large infrastructure was created from scratch.

VITA will completely change the procedure for allocating, approving and repaying mortgage loans and at the same time will change for the better the whole process of acquiring your first mortgage. Initially, the platform will provide “smart” mortgages only to novice buyers, as they understand that a novice buyer will always face most problems and experience great difficulties when trying to get a mortgage. Can you imagine a mortgage with an interest rate of 0%? Well, this is what VITA offers to its customers.

The profit received for VITA will be achieved due to an increase in token prices, as well as the cost of cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency prices rise, it may be possible to repay mortgages on extremely tight maturities.

VITA working principle

Users with VITA tokens will be considered shareholders of the VITA family. Nevertheless, this is strictly for investors who are verified with the profit received by the company, distributed among investors in accordance with the percentage of their financial contributions. This means that the higher your investment, the more profit you can get. Selling tokens will help in developing the Vita market, marketing the platform worldwide and building green houses with 0% mortgage interest.

Features of the application for buyers:

  • VITA Platform Advanced property search. Property systems are user-friendly and display the full specification of real estate and all the necessary information, such as search by location, type of listing, price in cryptocurrency and decree, type of house, style and design. You can also narrow your search and filter the results based on specific requirements, such as number of bathtubs, year of construction, etc. The viewing will be booked and buyers will be able to apply for real estate.
  • Interactive maps with properties. Users will have a full view of properties online through maps, which will be next to the listed properties, allowing users to see homes in a specific area. The map thesis will also display neighborhoods and neighborhoods.
  • VITA Mortgage Calculator. You can calculate your monthly payments with and without utilities.

Key ICO Details

  • VITA = 0,002 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 5 000 000$
  • Pre-sale: 01.09 - 30.09
  • ICO: 21.10 - 30.11

You can study this project using the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. Which links, I have specially prepared for you.

Additional Information:








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