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Bumo over the course of time has achieved strategic cooperation with SPIN, a well-known blockchain project in South Korea and that to date gives us strategic advice on business blockchain change and blockchain technology solutions services one-stop shop, and will use BU (digital issuance currency by BUMO) to invest in the SPIN project and establish an undeniable strong binding strategic partnership.

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Bumois part of being a new generation of public chain for companies. It builds an Internet infrastructure that can move value through central technologies such as BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach. BUMO provides documentation and development tools for developers to improve and help develop efficiency, which facilitates immediate access of applications to BUMO. In addition to this, developers can understand and deepen BUMO's technical architecture. and its system by reading the documentation and using development tools, among other things that help its operation. BUMO will attract more featured developers, other industry experts and influential leaders to join us, getting new ideas and a new impetus for those who will be the cornerstone in the global ecological development of BUMO as part of its success and vision in the future.

Bumo, as its name implies, is a next-generation commercial category public block chain consisting of the ubiquitous and reliable value transfer, whose main objective is to create a set of decentralized application ecosystems in order to have broad digital confidence, a value of free flow and applications to share in public with different people and interact.

Bumo trust is based on ubiquitous machines,meaning that it is everywhere. Its strength is that the rights of the data belong to the users themselves. This consists in that all the nodes are involved and together in the Blockchain maintenance. The trust network will be everywhere ready to give the best of itself.

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BumoDigital trust is based on having the link between the virtual and the real world. The ubiquitous trust system will be established and allows users to share. Online value streams will usually become ubiquitous as well.

In the public exchange the digital identity is part of the process, the Tokenization Protocol, the transfer of value, the decentralized transactions, the In-DApp Exchange, among other things. Distributed applications will also be everywhere. BUMO is a new generation of public chain for companies that has been transformed over time poporcionandole users the greatest confidence and tranquility in terms of their services.

They believe in an Internet infrastructure that can provide them value through central technologies such as BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach.



The innovative and fresh consensus algorithm DPoS + BFT for multiple two-layer chains. In this case, a structure of several children is admitted and the selection of validators is dynamic in all cases. This will improve transaction processing and address diversified scenarios in all areas.Among the systems we can say that the block chains are multisobjective, it is presented with a multiform structure of two layers, in which "two layers" means the main chain and the secondary chains, and "multiform". Techniques between the main chains and the secondary chains among which we can talk about it.It is a bridge of different main chains. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous Blockchains can be connected as expected, the value can be linked between different main chains. The InterChain links the main chains, just like the traditional Internet router as we have already mentioned they all communicate.

In the Smart Contract

The contract editor has a visual debugging for developers.In the standard contract templates with multiple contract examples:
-It has an independent sandbox environment.
-It provides mechanisms for contract interoperability and exception handling with users.


Smart friendly contract for the developer in order to facilitate the development of the intelligent contract, the popular programming languages ​​are extended, such as JavaScript, C / C ++, Python, among others. A reliable data source for the intelligent contract is currently proposed. The smart contract is also complete and precise.

An ecological application scenario that covers the function of value representation and transfer of value of blockchain, we take tokens to promote, help and govern, mobilizing each and every one of the users and partners to build a shared industrial ecosystem of mutual benefit and autonomous that benefits the community.


It creates a new generation of ubiquitous trust networks that have a circulating value, meaning that they allow the value to flow freely as information.We have the purpose and function of value representation and transfer of value of blockchain and we take tokens to encourage, govern and mobilize all users and partners to build a shared industrial ecosystem, of mutual benefit and autonomous for all.

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Because of the aforementioned, speed and security is of great importance for all users and partners since it is essential in any business to feel free, without any obstacle or problem when storing the data. Users can count on extendable advice with technical support that work together to give the best and provide a good service effectively, creating blockhain addresses directly.


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