A reachable, scalable liquidity network for users seeking security.

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Thanks to @originalworks for giving us the opportunity to participate in the contest!

Liquidity network is sponsoring the competition. In Liquidity Network is the future of Blockchain University. While other cryptographic markets plummet before their difficulties and speculators seek tin hats, becoming unreachable here on Liquidity Network we continue to build and we want you to join us and be our client.

We can clarify that the liquidity network is a simple, scalable, private and transparent network in its entire structure built on the chain of blocks Ethereum has as a characteristic to be designed and developed to give support and help to millions of users and achieve a complete general adoption.


In the liquidity network, its eco-system is based mainly on the synergy of its two key components:

The NO-CUST liquidity center
The Revive

The Liquidity Network helps millions of users by offering a great service in a precise, exact and compressed way with their work. In addition to this, it reduces significant costs.


Basically, the exchange of liquidity is designed not to retain funds, that is to say, non-custodians, while atomic exchanges take place outside the chain. This, in turn, is an exchange resistant to the blockchain. These exchanges are centralized.

Multiple Liquidity Network payment centers can interconnect with each other. Similar to traditional or common payment channels.Two or more users from different payment centers are eligible for make payments, These in turn are out of the chain in different interconnected payment centers.


With REVIVE we have the first solution that allows an arbitrary set of users in a network, with each other to have payment channels and to rebalance their channels securely, according to the preferences of the owners in the channels.

Except in the case of those arranged, it does not require chain transactions. In addition to this, it increases the scalability of the existing unlocking chains. Proving that users are honest can not lose their funds while rebalancing. Revive allows different centers to rebalance their respective balances.


In history, markets have experienced many developments. If we mention the traditional Physical markets, moving towards more professional environments such as the New York Stock Exchange. We have noticed the exchange of the cryptocurrency a quantity of volume. But in spite of everything, the operator relies on the users fund. We have as an example the Mt.Gox has proven to be reliable.


Currently, they are counted on 10 liquid liquids that are in charge of managing all the markets, whether in marketing, economics and IT with more than 5 years of experience. All are professionals and have proven to be reliable to the company with great sense of belonging.

They understood that we must socialize to continue evolving along the way. They are also experts in mathematics, computer science, among other areas that interact among the millions of users who have the opportunity to meet and speak.



We provide outside the chain that we can attract more users at the end of the negotiations the idea is to help them grow or prosper within the network.

The end users will not be forced to interact with the tokens.The main function of the tokens is to be used with premium in the network.

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Thanks again to @originalworks.


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