Best service for crypto backed loans?

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Hey All!
Recently I needed some cash urgently (in a couple of hours) and the only way (as I thought at first) was to sell some crypto which was going up that time, yep, sh*t happens)))
Likely at the last moment, I remembered that a couple of months ago I've noticed some great project offering crypto-backed loans, so instead of selling you can just use your crypto as collateral So I've decided to try...

Firstly I've thought about Nexo, since I've heard about them the most, they did an ICO last year and seems like doing great marketing, but I was disappointed seeing their poor/buggy UI, I couldn't figure out how to withdraw my loan do credit card and I'm not sure they had such functionality. Also, their loan-to-value was too small, around 50% for BTC and even lower for other assets, also they don't support many currencies I have :(

After doing some research and registering on 5-6 websites I finally choose YouHodler, they accept much more currencies (more than top 10) as collateral and offer multiple plans with different interest rates (5-13%) and different duration (8-120 days). Maybe conditions are not perfect, but in my city, you won't get microcredit for a lower interest rate in such a short time, so think this a really great project.

So, the question is what do you guys think about crypto-backed loans does it help crypto-community, should we use them, and maybe you know better services than ones I've mentioned here?
Please, feel free, to share your opinion.

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good information

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