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BUMO is a next generation commercial public blockchain and its objective is to create an ecosystem of decentralized applications, a network of trust, in which value can flow with as much freedom as information. A value of free flow and applications to share in public using intelligent devices that exist in the whole world.

What Is The Objective Of Bumo?

Bumo's goal is to create a decentralized application ecosystem with broad digital confidence, a free-flow value and applications to share in public.
As the next generation blockchain, commercially viable, BUMO will build the Ubiquitous Trust Network for the circulation of value. We present you with a distributed business ecosystem, which becomes a broad digital trust, freely transferred assets and public exchange applications.

Differences between BUMO and the others?

BUMO has some unique characteristics that differentiate it from the rest, such as tokenization: Bumo allows companies to sell their assets as tokens ... these assets can be both tangible and not.
Another feature is that you do not need high-end computers to maintain your system. With any smart device you can keep track of this
And finally its speed to carry out the transactions of the users, since some portals blockchains do not have this speed.

BUMO Solution to this blockchain development issue's

  • A blockchain-based omnipresent trust arrange. Its system involves blockchain innovation created with numerous highlights, for example, an imaginative accord instrument, multi-chain structure of the principle chain-subchain, primary chain-backlink structure of the fundamental chain, and designer neighborly brilliant contracts.

  • A valid esteem dissemination framework. BUMO blockchain uses various instruments for building up an advanced personality for go through assertion, pass esteem exchange, decentralized exchanges, and Dapp worked in return, to advance the development of its esteem conveyance framework.

  • A connected environment shared by the overall population. Dapp for the blockchain can be compared to applications for your cell phone. Dapp not just gives clients the most instinctive comprehension of the blockchain yet additionally the esteem support of the whole blockchain organize

Since BUMO is not restricted to powerful computers to run nodes, how can mass adoption be helped?

Since BUMO does not need powerful computers for its execution, this favors companies at the time of adopting this new technology, since no complications are required at the time of acquiring this new method. In this way, a massive adoption can be given by companies, seeking to update themselves more and more.

Technological Advantages



BUMO is another age of open chain for business. It assembles a web foundation that can move an incentive around through center advances like BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach:
The imaginative DPoS+BFT agreement calculation for two-layer various chains. A multi-kid structure is bolstered and validators choice is dynamic. It will enhance exchange handling and serve differentiated situations.
The multi-kid blockchain framework is highlighted with a two-layer diverse structure, in which "two-layer" implies the fundamental chain and youngster chains,and "various" implies the distinctive specialized highlights among the primary chain and tyke chains.
Spanning diverse principle chains. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous Blockchains can be associated. Esteem can be steered among various primary chains. The InterChain joins primary chains, much the same as the switch in the customary Internet.
To facilitate the advancement of keen contract, mainstream programming dialects are expanded, like JavaScript, C/C++, Python, and so on. Reliable information feed is proposed for the keen contract. The savvy contract is turning-finished too.

The Main Features Of BUMO

• Joint creation of accounts through the incorporation of "individual account weighting"
• Use of Merkle-Patricia trie to help store data in an efficient manner.
• Trailer system that differentiates data in a chain and off-chain data.
• Its orbit architecture helps to create a 2-layer multifunction BUMO architecture.
• Multilayer 2-layer consensus system that will scale up to 10,000 transactions per second.
• System "channel" that helps with interoperability.
• Develop tools to create an intelligent contract.
• Allow developers to create applications without creating a smart contract

BUMO Team and Partner

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BUMO mixes the Internet technology of things that is used to support access to several different types of smart devices. The technology requirements are low, so the network can be used by many different people.
It works with simple devices such as phones, tablets and routers. And since the necessary equipment is only a secondary requirement to manage digital assets, users can manage and perform a wide range of different transactions, contracts and services. At the same time, applications can be used to create relationships between users and services directly.

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