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What is Goldilock

Is redefining how confidential digital data is managed by individuals and institutions. Our remote and encrypted HSM vaults allow cryptography keys and digital assets to be active and immediately available online through a non-IP trigger mechanism, while physically disconnected and invisible from the Internet when their owner does not uses.

Goldilock: no hot storage, no cold storage, just the right storage.

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  1. Wallet is stored offline through a physical airgap mechanism, and is not accessible from the internet.
  2. Using a non-IP mechanism, the user activates their wallet making it accessible over the internet.
  3. User can securely access their wallet over an encrypted connection using a dedicated URL and access credentials.

*In cryptocurrencies, the burden of maintaining, wallets ensure falls directly on the shoulders of the individual investor. Passwords and private keys are often protected with, clumsy, obsolete and inefficient security measures.
*In fact, custody of the keys is one of the main reasons why many, institutions have been slow in their adoption of cryptography, investments. While Blockchain is intrinsically designed to be more, more secure than traditional technology, the reality is that, Cryptocurrencies are susceptible to the same attack vectors as other digital assets.
Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet build an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital, assets for individuals and institutions. With an operation platform launched in the second quarter of 2018 that provides a physical remote control, internet data disconnection, Goldilock security, Suite takes advantage of multi-factor authentication, biometrics, triggers of regressive technology, and cryptography to change the, burden of keeping the individual's wallets secure, investor and in our physically segregated platform.


*Cryptocurrency investors and managers of sensitive digital assets are currently forced to choose between, personally-held hardware cold storage solutions, which can be stolen, hacked, misplaced, destroyed or, ollapse. Without a viable, scalable, and secure crypto key custody solution, both institutions and, individuals continue to be plagued by frequent financial losses due to the mishandling of their keys.

*Raditional cold storage solutions are not the answer to providing investors with a suitable key management, solution for their cryptocurrency. Paper and USB keys can lost, stolen, or damaged. The encrypted cold, storage solutions offered by groups like Xapo or Coinbase have extremely limited accessibility which does, not address most institutional custodial needs. Storing an encrypted key in an inaccessible bank vault may, be viable security for an individual or institution who do not want to trade, but obtaining access to the USB, takes days, which is not practical for active asset handling.


Through standard cryptocurrency wallet functionality, funds can be associated with a consumer’s Public Key Address without requiring their Goldilock Wallet to be online. The individual Goldilock Wallet only needs, to be online to perform withdrawals or outbound transfers.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges

-Public centralized cryptocurrency exchanges often also act as key custodians. In the last year alone, their reliance on contemporary security methods has resulted in billions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency.

-Cold Wallet operators can leverage Goldilock to enhance their existing technologies. A cold wallet solution, can be integrated into the Goldilock system, allowing operators to offer a more readily accessible, yet secure and remote solution.

Goldilock API Services

-The Goldilock API Services will be developed after the Goldilock Wallet by the Goldilock Core Development, team. The main purpose of the API services will be to enable institutions that already have wallet solutions, to make use of our patent-pending solution for their solutions that require improved security.

-The Goldilock API Services will run on-premise, in our colocation facilities, and in the Cloud. These services, will make it easy for enterprises and partners to create privacy-focused, consent driven applications. The APIs can be embedded within non- decentralized applications or into stand-alone dApps.

-Because of the way Goldilock is architected, after initial wallet deployment to users focused on NEO we will, be in position to service other major cryptocurrencies in a matter of weeks.


*Users will purchase LOCK tokens which, when coupled with Goldilock’s proprietary smart contract logic, will allow for the storage of private keys for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, as well as provide an, immutable auditing mechanism for each individual node using Default Byzantine Fault Tolerance (a type of PoS).


*The LOCK token is required to access the Goldilock Wallet. When the user logs into the Goldilock Wallet, the, Wallet will query the NEO public Blockchain to confirm the user’s public key address owns a LOCK token. If the, user’s public key address owns a LOCK token, then the Goldilock Wallet will launch in the user’s browser.


*In Q2/2018, we implemented a functional minimum viable product of the Goldilock Wallet for Cryptocurrency described in this paper, and users will be able to use the technology upon registration and successful, purchase of Lock Token.


We propose the following preliminary release schedule:
November: Goldilock patent filed
Q1: Technical Proof-of-Concept Delivered
Q2: Closed First Institutional Client Agreements
Q2 2018: Release of GoldilockWallet for NEO and NEP-5 Cryptocurrency to presale participants
July 2018: Lock Token Sale
Q3 2018: Release of Goldilock Wallet for Cryptocurrency to all token holders
Q4 2018: Launch of Goldilock for Digital Assets
Q1 2019: Release of GoldilockAPI Services
Q1 2019: Release of Goldilock API Services
Q1 2019: Launch of institutional services
Q2 2019: Direct Device manufacturing kickoff for cost and size reduction.








Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets..!


Goldilock It provides an incredibly unique storage solution, hence the motto; It's no hot storage, cold storage, just storage. Storage in such a way that confidential digital data can finally be fully protected.

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