Monero Mining Report Week 3 with Genesis

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Greetings fellow #mining community here on #steemit

this week the monero payouts went down from 0.0518 to 0.0460 and then got a bit higher again. That is a bit dissapointing because the mining calculator showed around 0.05 per day. i am happy with the mining power nevertheless because this week i ended my xmr mining project on monero.
i had 0.05 allready mined earlier this year but the payout limit on minergate is 0.1
so i mined like the whole week to get it payed out finally as there is a transaction fee on top of the minimum payout. Yesterday i finally reached that mark and withdraw 0.105 or so and 60xdn which i got from merged mining. happy that i can give my computers a break :-)

there had been an anonymous affiliate that got me an extra 0.1 mh ether mining power. just awesome!!

as i had been so happy i thought i should copy paste the old Genesis Mining Code Sharing Post to be found here:

turned out to be not such a great idea at all because i got flagged for that...

but i took the picture below to pep the post up (or at least i thought so) and think i will keep it for this report.
please let me know if you like it or not...

ether payouts are now on average at 0.034 per day.
getting ready for the launch of the emerald wallet... :-)

as the honorable @royschuh pointed out, dash mining contracts are available again on genesis mining:

if you like, i can tell you about my other mining efforts too as i am thinking about splitting the mining report per coin/algo and maybe even do it in german and english.
please let me know if you would like to see similar reports or if i can improve something.

mine happy and hodl strong




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great series! @circiuboby

quite informative

thanks @keyrioh