Intro to Crypto Investing: @choogirl, @followbtcnews, @scaredycatguide present basics of how to buy and sell crytpo

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In just under 2 hours we'll be hosting an Intro to Crypto Investing forum. We'll talk about exchanges, banks, charts, websites and other tools and places to go to help you convert your investments into whatever portfolio you want. This will likely be shorter than many of the other forums I've hosted in the past, but it's a good intro lesson for new users on the platform and even more so for new people to crypto


11am EST (1600 UTC)

Please join us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord Channel. You can talk to the hosts by joining the mspwaves-audience chatroom.

Most of the show's don't have a video component, but this one has a critical video component. The live feed from my desktop is designed to show what we're talking about as we're going. Please make sure you tune into to hear what's going on during the show.

Topics covered

Internal market

Next week we're doing a live music performance show

Please check us out especially if you're a musician and want to perform live.

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Thank you for sharing ^^...
Resteemed done ✋🏻

I wish I saw something like this few weeks ago when I did my first purchases.

It seems like I lost good portion of my investment due to fees.

I had to buy in a different way from GDAX, because I couldn't get verified there.

I will be following this because of the selling part.

I don't know if it will contain part of turning crypto in fiat, which definitely interests me the most.

After hearing about cryptos for years, I decided to take a serious look into investing. I'll definitely attend!

I just watched today a couple of videos on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is still too "difficult" for me to comprehend. Hopefully with time i will be able to catch up with you guys ! :-)
till then... :-)

This is great! Will it be recorded at put out to be able to listen to if we can't attend? I'd love to kick back and learn a thing or two.

Great guide it s so helpful ..I would to know What is the best site to see live up to date cryptocurrency graph charts to see if its a good time to buy a crypto and its chance of increasing ? Thanks for the effort.

A useful article. Thanks for sharing 💪@aggroed

There are some news on tv, local tv here, that says they know what happened to that big increase of cryptocoins and that they will drop more in this period.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most endearing allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

great information sharing dear
carry on

thanxs for sharing such an amazing post with the stemmit family sir!

Nice post would follow you up for more of this

Should an investment be made for you?

I larn from your post ...more power to your elbow

will be checking back for post, btw RESTEEM!!!!

Watch me make a friend.

Kunjungi blog saya se kali kali@aggroed

it is intresting

it is important post thanks for searing....

Looking forward to this Intro..
Thanks @aggroed

if i am not a musician. and i just want to enjoy your music where i can see nua,


That's next week. Just go to the Discord group.


where can I find the group, can you give me a clue

Do mention about patience
Many newbies come and go loosing money due to lack of patience
Anyway great bro we need to let the world know about Crypto!

"Next week we're doing a live music performance show", thats what caught my eyes. Feel like going there not as a musician but as a listener. good luck

XVG going back up lets Go!!! $0.065778 USD UP (30.67%) #HodL #XVG


Everything is going back up :)) but yeah, XVG has a nice 24h growth. Still I'm going to stick with Steem


Haha just been addicted to it idk why probably the less then a cent jump but yea bro i needa put steem on my account still getting used to it figuring everything out but i like the content followed you to keep it coming

I really want to learn about this

Will be tuning in :) resteemed, this has made my Sat night :)

How i wish i know how to trade as well. I will be more glad. I will appreciate if ypu do more tutorial for newbie like us. I also need on steemit as well. Been a boss on steemit i will be glad if you csn help @aggroed

Good News. Sounds like a very good program. I'll be there.

Looking forward to this!

Thanks for letting us know.

Resteemed :)

Planning to attend - thanks for hosting! Looks like a great intro to cryptocurrency trading!

Hey mate yeah. looking forward to it

Thanks for the helping information 👌👌👌

crypto is facing now a great crisis.i hope crypto wiil get back his glorious day soon....

extraordinary posting mu @aggroed

Thanks so much for this, will follow up

you are leading us very well..Very useful post.
I will continue to follow you my friend 👏 @ggroed

I am a newbie to the whole crypto thing but really excited about it. Started learning just about coins but the more I learn I realize that just is a layer of opportunities available. Thanks for sharing @aggroed

so informative...
thanks for sharing

Truly said.
Though some people might not see what crypto has come to do the world of blockchain. The wall street will definately give them no choice than to want to join the lead and stop the fear

nice post thanks for sharing this informative and enlightening post

I just joined in to listen. Thanks for this!

Beautiful, this would benefit every newbie out there who wants to get into crypto currencies. Thank you for taking out the time. `cryptos.jpg

Thank-you! :)

Fantastic work!

Looks like a load of information you are going to unveil ,looking forward to get some beneficial update.
Especially the bittrex & paywithsteem would be my topchecks. 😊😊