How to CPU Pool Mine Bismuth on Ubuntu 16.04

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Ubuntu 16.04 Bismuth Mining Guide for the ACC Pool

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1. Install Ubuntu server and Bismuth Node/Wallet.

2. You can mine as root or create a new user.

3. Install Dependencies

sudo apt-get install python-twisted
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo apt-get install python-pip --fix-missing
sudo apt-get install python-socks
sudo apt-get install unzip

4. Download miner zip file

wget ""

5. Unzip Miner file


6. CD into miner file

cd Miner

7. Create text file to use for launching miner

touch startminer.bash

8. Edit startminer.bash for your address, worker name and threads

nano startminer.bash

startminer.bash default text

./miner fd3b75f8bc6d1c76f5cf9b080fead0ea627cfb1c80de057d335e805a rig1    
    ^                              $                              &   

(^=do not change) ($=your Bismuth address) (&=your rig name)

Save and exit. Press ctrl + o to save and press enter to write the file. Then press ctrl +x to exit.

9. chmod files to be executable

chmod +x startminer.bash
chmod +x miner

10. ( For VPS users) Local Machine Users skip to #11

If on a hosted VPS and you want the miner to keep running after closing the SSH session run this.


If not installed run

sudo apt-get install tmux

Then run.


Then press ctrl + b at the same time and then press d. You can then close the SSH session and the miner will keep running.

On reconnect to reopen to terminal window with the miner running use this command.

tmux attach

11. start miner using the startminer.bash file


If this file helped you please consider a donation.

Send Bismuth to fd3b75f8bc6d1c76f5cf9b080fead0ea627cfb1c80de057d335e805a

Send BTC to 1PD4VwvqzGsuUxq3E3SVGKAsCW9vpkoELm

Send RISE to 10610987743669520729R


Great job, will send you some BIS.
You should see some already in your wallet from hclives.
Thank you for supporting BIS!


maybe a super noob question, but what would be the rigname (rig1?) where can I find it or generate one?

Just give it a name you want example: MyRig, GTXXXX, miner etc. This is useful if you have several rigs mining on the same address.

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