ADSactly Spotlight on Cryptocoins -- Komodo/KMD -- 9th feature "private" coins

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Spotlight on Cryptocoins -- Komodo/KMD -- 9th feature "private" coins

Hello Steemians

In this series of articles I want to put a spotlight on a specific cryptocurrency and write about the details in all these aspects:

  • Aim of the currency

  • Technical details

  • Market position

  • Forecast

The cryptocurrency in focus currently will be one of the so-called "private" coins. Coins that create the possibility to be more or less in private while doing transactions. How private you are is one of the main questions to be answered in this articles.

In this 9th article of the series, the spotlight will be on Komodo.


Aim of the Currency

What is this currency about? What does it do differently than the rest?
Where is the unique selling point and at what audience is this coin targeted?

All that questions and more will be answered in the following paragraph.

Komodo is one of the rather large private coins and was already foundet in 2016. Distribution of the Coin began with an ICO, in which 90 Million Coins where given out to investors. The coin is capped at 200 Millions from which 10 Millions are held back in a reserve. It is based on the ZCash Core and also brings on ZkSnarks for completely anonymous transactions.
Komodo is a pure PoW Coin using the Equihash algorithm, in trying to keep this coin ASIC resistant and features a new mechanism called dPoW (delayed Proof of Work).
This will be explained a bit more in detail in the next chapter.

Technical Details

Komodo has wallets that support Linux, Mac, and Windows as well as paper Wallet, the source code for them is completely visible on Github.
There is no wallet software for mobile devices currently.

Komodo is a pure PoW coin using the Equihash algorithm (like ZCash, Hush...) for improved resistance against ASIC computation. Additionally, the developers improved the normal PoW to follow a different methodology increasing the security of the whole blockchain. They called this methodology dPoW (delayed Proof of Work) and it is basically introducing a set of 64 notary nodes, that notarizes the block also on the Bitcoin blockchain, which in the end secures the Komodo blockchain also with the hash rate of Bitcoin. These nodes are elected by a community consensus and they can generate once every 63 Blocks a block on easy difficulty as a reward.
Maximum number of coins is 200 Million, Block Time is 1 Minute with 2MB Blocks
Privacy of transaction is achieved using Zk-SNARKs, just like ZCash or ZClassic. This is a proven way of making transaction information anonymous, so I will not explain this further.
There was an ICO, in which 100 Million Coins have already been distributed. 90 Million has been bought by investors and 10 Million have been moved to a reserve as a working capital.

Please see if you are interested in probable mining revenues, Komodo was a good mining coin lately but take care this changes quite fast.

Market Position

At the time of writing this article (02/01/2018), Komodo is placed 46th in market capitalization, with the total value of $556.730.839 USD . The 24h Volume was $3.129.300 USD which is a rather low number compared to the last month.

January is always a very turbulent month for cryptocurrencies, Komodo is no difference there. The coin had its all-time Dollar value high on December 12th 2017 with 12.89 Dollar per KMD, afterwards, it went down in waves to 5.86 USD yesterday (01-31-2018). Currently, it seems that the downtrend is unbroken and will go on for a while.

We can see a massive spike leading to the ATH in mid December. Partly, this may have been caused by the BTCD swap deadline in January, partly this may have happened due to getting more attention from investors. It is not really clear what drove the prices.


If we are looking back one year in market history of Komodo, we see that this spikes have happened at least two additional times. But we also see that the Volume that has driven those spikes has increased from one to the other.



Just like all the other private coins Komodo for sure has a valid point in trying to keep the privacy of the sender and receiver.
Komodo is a quite established cryptocurrency with high potential. The team has come up with a complete new idea of securing the blockchain by delegated Proof of Work and is working heavily on decentralised Exchange and decentralised ICOs currently.

If they can create working software for this ideas fast, Komodo will see a huge increase in value.


Komodo is keeping your transaction details hidden by using Zk-SNARKs, IP privacy is currently not guaranteed, you would need to setup a TOR by yourself.
Komodo is managed by a quite big team around JL777, of which some are anonymous and some are not.

Last but not least there are also some drawbacks and they should not be unmentioned:

  • Pure PoW coin, can be seen as a waste of electricity - even though dPoW makes it a bit better.
  • Privacy of transaction has been also viewed with criticism.
  • 10 Millions KMD working capital (reserved by the team) can be seen with criticism (5% of all coins)

Authored by: @jedigeiss

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Bittrex is a good solution to buy, there is good futur waiting i guess, well done, this post deserve and interresting , i support u

Bittrex is good - BUT if you are holding NEO, Bittrex keep your GAS that holding NEO provides!

Binance pay your GAS out when you hold NEO on a monthly basis - well worth reading into this if NEO holders aren't aware!

EDIT: I have made an article about this here as its VERY important for NEO holders!

thannk you for thoese very important informations stackz

It seems that the word you used “trying” to keep the transaction private will be a huge factor some day. There are many coins coming out that claim to be private but only time will tell which ones will prove to be truly private.

I have a lot of friends who are interested and invested in this coin. I have not invested yet but will continue to do research. Thank you for the great write up!🏆🙂

guy's, you're not thinking.

this is what is going to happen;
. people will buy the cards at the hiked price thinking that they'll make their money back quickly.

.mining pools will become overstated and will pay less and less

.They will realise that they are not making enough and that their profits keep falling

. they will try to sell their card

.They will not be able to sell the card at the inflated price they got it at and will lower the selling price further and further.

.You, if you're smart, will just wait a few months and get a barely used card for even cheaper than before the price hike.

palabra clave investigar para obtener una mayor opinión por si mismo

you have a lot of friends who have invested on this coin yet you are still researching?

How much research do you need to gather before you arrive at the decision to invest.

The crypto world is about Timing.

And so is life generally. Taking action is key.

Investing just because my friends are is prob not the best investment strategy.

I’d like to know more about the team and partnerships behind the project. What proof does the team have of creating a great final product. Have they launched or been a part of other successful projects?

Does Komodo do what it says it can do and where is the proof.

Someone below this post said it’s a bad coin. I want to find out why. Talking to other people is another part of my “research”. I just want to feel like I have all of the information. If I invested based of one post, I’d be in every coin.🤷🏻‍♂️🙂

Thank you for asking and chatting with me. Blessings to you!

That's true @anthonydigital1 It is not the best strategy. How ever, when it comes to crypto investment, one or two three researches is okay to start with

And a huge guts for taking risks

Sure. Action is key


Zksnarks is the main tech for hiding the transaction details in a very efficient, highly secure way. This criticism about hiding the IP address is a red herring IMO. It's not too hard for individuals to route this traffic through a VPN, mixnet, SSH tunnel, or whatever. But for that matter onion routing (Tor) can probably be bolted on easily by the developers later. Implementing zksnarks is much more difficult.

Not a good article. You haven't even mentionedf Barterdex which is currently Komodo's best selling point, with Atomic swaps already implemented.

interesting to know!

Komodo is so much more than a privacy coin.

that's a good topic

I did not know this crypto but after reading these explanations I think he is promised a bright future. Can you tell me on which exchange I can buy komodo please?

Pretty sure Bittrex will allow you to buy.

Great info!

I guess most private coins are PoW type, an old one consuming much electricity and energy like bitcoin and other old crypto coins.
PoS or DPoS is the trend now.

But bitcoin isn't private at all. Anyway agree of Proof-of-whateverdevsimaginetoname is trend now and further should be.

I guess those cryptos that want to be private would not list that coin on coinmarketcap if they are really serious of becoming a private coin. And create their own internet so that people won't see their private coin or hide their coins and bury them. I'm getting weird lol

A general review summarizes the objects and brings the distances closer

A very nice maxim

That is the importance of reviews. It helps us reach a decision whether to buy or not.

Reviews are an important aspects of marketing

Now I should start looking out for komodo...

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I will research more about it.. Thanks for sharing

very informative post...
thanks @adsactly

Already buying a special code if he has a strong project is a great opportunity to profit.

If you ask me, I think now is the best time to invest in this coin (Komodo) considering the rising and falling trend of the coin.

"The coin had its all-time Dollar value high on December 12th 2017 with 12.89 Dollar per KMD, afterwards, it went down in waves to 5.86 USD yesterday (01-31-2018). Currently, it seems that the downtrend is unbroken and will go on for a while."
If the price is not appreciating soon, hoarding it so as to resell in the future won't be bad. What do you think about this @adsactly?

I am @isaaceko

I love your post and post you very good friend thanks for sharing interesting things

I appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this coin. I would not have researched it myself until now. Thanks for the heads up!

Great coin coming that will surely be accepted by crypto lovers. @adsactly i upvote resteem . Support me with upvote too. Thanks.

new and big coin

interesting article, 2018 is proving to be a tumultuous year right from the get go with the emerging theme being regulation, regulation, regulation.

In such an environment how will cryptos like these fair, given the private nature of how they operate?

One thing is for sure, today's prices cannot be beaten for coins with longevity, trick is to know when the floor has been reached.

la verdad tienes un buen contenido en tus post... saludos

I should buy some of these just for the name, sounds like commando 😀

Today from this article I first learned about this coin. Despite the described shortcomings, which in fact should not be ignored - the coin looks promising. Many coins that make the statement that they support the anonymity of transactions, but this will clear up over time. It is too early to draw certain conclusions.
One thing I can say for sure, this coin interested me, I will necessarily consider it to diversify my future investment portfolio.
Thank you, everything is described in the most constructive way, there is nothing superfluous

"Private" functionality is creating doubt over its sustainability in the long term. Well, Let's see how much time such privately transacted cryptos could sustain.
Except that, good to read your reasearch. Great effort Sir.

Can anybody explain to me in a simple way what is the use of a privacy coin, if you can't purchase everyday goods with it and your privacy vanishes as soon as you use any downramp to FIAT (exchange)?

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Hi adsactly.. Really very ingrmative post about komodo.. Keep it up these seres.. It is very helpful for new users.. Privacy not guaranteed is a big issue i think.. It creates alot of questions in users minds

Hi Adsactly.

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We have just to be cautious when investing in these coins, is there any proof that Komodo will have a step further than the already performing coins in the market? If yes, @desmonddesk clarify more on this. @adsactly has done his part to show us this coin, so we can't criticize his review.

Thank you very much to the team of @adsactly for prooveer this great information, it's been a while since I heard the name of this cryptocurrency, now I have much more information about it, I think it has a lot of potential, it would be a good option to invest it.
I wish everyone a good start to the week


Just checked komodos price and its around 4 dollars. Thanks for notice and acknowledge me but i think it needs time to make investment on this coin so far. Sorry to saying that but its true. Volume is still low and its peak has reached for only "x3" of this. I think it will lose %25-30 value than gather up. I can invest my money on this when its around 3.50 to 4 dollars.

Good work good post thanks!

Nice work boss
Anyway, i just made my introduction post and not many people have read .
Can you check it on my blog please

KMD is such a good project, they have fluffed a few things, but look strong their latest beer/kmd atomix swaps went well!

Komodo is a sleeping giant I think. It own itself an exchange.

though i have low worthy of upvote but i vote you ...
very informative post...
thanks @adsactly

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Wow.. Thank you for the upload and information, I was really helpful, I had no idea about the opportunities available...... its an upvote from mua 👆 👆

To invest only because my friends otherwise are not the best investment strategy.

I would like to know more about the team and the partnerships behind the project. What the team does to create a great final product.
Have they launched or been part of other successful projects?

Komodo does what you say can film and where is the guide.

A person from this participation said it was a bad currency. I want to know why. Talking to other people is another part of my research. I just want to feel that I have all the information. If you invest on a single job basis, I'll be in every coin.

Thanks for asking and chatting with me. God bless you. Or blessed!

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On today prices just buy everything

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Take my money.

I hold a little Komodo and honestly didn't know much about it til i read this. Thanks for sharing.

Information is really powerful. This is a beautiful piece of information and thanks for empowering me with the right tools

que moneda me recomiendas para invertir

Yes. Komodo is a coin develop by mafia? what do you think?

Komodo have change to POS coin, and you no need to open your wallet online. You can still able to get the interest after a year.

upvoted nice information, i liked this all,, i am fallowing you, if you like to check my post, sir, i am new here, not much experience, also guice me ,@drake5

Thank you for the information

All in on this one

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It is good to read post like this, it awakens our mind about crypto coins.

Investment matters.

This is a great cryptocurrency with enormous potential @adsactly. cryptocurrency market is booming, and everyday a new crypto coin is being introduced in this space. The Komodo platform is providing complete end to end blockchain solutions for developers of any level and industry. It is simple yet powerful, offering customized blockchain solutions that are easy to deploy, and configurable to meet your needs. The komodo platform also offers optional privacy protection through the integration of Zero- knowledge proofs.
The komodo platform helps the cryptocurrency space develop and flourish by providing security to third party blockchains, power applications with privacy features, and provides the means to achieve price stability in peer to peer payment services.

Wonderful! Komodo i have to resteem and upvote this article to show my colleagues about this komodo this is an interesting one.

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Good Review,
I think as the market is currently having a blood bath in the market of cryptocurrency the crypto might further go down so will keep a watch on the same and will buy in a week or so when things get stable with the market

Very informative post thank

Bittrex is a good solution to buy, there is good futur waiting i guess, well done, this post deserve and interresting , i support u

Komodo Dragon :D

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yaralı bir konu paylaşımı olmuş. teşekkürler.

If there is a will there is way !

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Liking the look of Komodo/Monaize. Might not be sexy but any platform that has real world uses (& especially if adopted en masse) could lead to solid returns. - 8 of Diamonds

its a good news for us and i like your effort

As the world banks and governments push for greater restrictions on the crypto market privacy coins will be more in demand. The culture and philosophy​ of crypto is decentralization to discourage government control. While on the other hand government culture is oppression and control of the population by controlling their​ money. The next year or two will draw the battle lines between​ privacy and government​ control. Thanks for your post. Hae a great day

great article, thanks!

Thank's for this post.

quite interesting and I want to succeed like you, great motivation ..

I personally really like Komodo and their team. Their tech seems ambitious and things like Jumblr and BarterDEX are already doing what many coins claim to want to do in the future. Plus, earning 5% in it's wallet is never a bad thing. I just think the nature of this being such an ambitious project has put them in a difficult spot for marketing, but I've seen their marketing roadmap and I think this will be a pretty successful coin. I think the real test will be the success of the dICO that they have lined up. Hoping for good things from this team.

I possessed KMD for a while, I could sell it at around 3x profit. I will go to get it again, but I will wait for BTC to stabilise. I hope and this is based on my calculations, therefore this is not a financial advice, that Bitcoin will have a strong support level around $5,500, if not it can even go lower to around $4,600-4,800. That will be the point when I will get back in KMD and hold for a longer time. I think, that this coin can go above $15-20. Again guys, this is my calculation, it might not be correct, don't buy based on things said by me!

nice post congrats

Nice post bro, pls always show love ok

You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

Your article is very interesting. I hope I could do the same in one day.

Great information. Nice job.

Did you read this one?

this is not a good cryptocurrency to buy. not a good project behind. I think there are a lot of crypto better then Komodo. And as you can see the global mcap is going very down in this days. will remain only the good Blockchain projects like Steemit!!!

You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

Komodo will allow ppl to purchase tokens from a Ico anonymously. So if ICOS are banned in there country or region they will still be able to purchase through Komodo anonymously.

But once govt ban bans would keep an eye on the takers through IP adresses,and would easily can there you go incognito,isnt it?

Wouldn't using a VPN or a decentralized platform circumvent the IP being traced?

Well you can but again a question rises
Wouldn't it be illegitimate.
If a country's stand is no crypto , no minning ,no ICO's then wouldnt they make sure to impose a law also.isnt it?

True. All things that are illegal continue with or without approval. Crypto won’t be stopped either.

Well that's a mutual point 😊
Can't deny that.


You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

You do not need to worry over the consistent drop in price of BTC, I have a software that generates over 12.8BTC weekly, DM me for me details, [email protected]

very helpful

every day I learn more, I love the presentation, never stop sharing so valuable content

Hi there dude! Looking forward to your future articles!

Check out @cryptobroye for crypto info and professional Tech and Fundamental analysis and news.

Im sure there is much we can learn from eachother :)

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