Logo of PNC Pengcash token is listed on the Trade Steem Engine platform.

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The logo for PNC pengcash tokens on the trade Steem Engine platform

Link to PNC pengcash token trade,https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=PNC

About PNC pengcash tokens

PNC tokens are a bridge to connecting crypto technology with real currencies in online business into the lives of Acehnese, the purpose of Pengcash is to support every payment on various online products managed by the PNC community in the future. this document explains the purpose of PNC is issued in a digital money base to support people Aceh is based on cryptocurrency to be empowered in the future. The Pencash token supply is associated with the amount of distributed computing that can be provided with 1 billion PNC tokens {1,000,000,000} the volume released cannot be changed by Pengcash developers forever, PNC is created through the Steem Engine platform with a Steemit @ades account using the Steemconnect key.

Welcome the Acehnese people, in the Pengcash PNC digital currency.

Greetings to all cryptocurrency users in Aceh, welcome to the PNC-Pengcash digital currency for a real future. We will fight for this currency to be real and follow the applicable rules.

Greetings, PNC community


Thank u, sir, lecturer

Very interesting thing for the future of ecology.

Good job prof. @ades

pue meurumpok airdrop PNC awak aceh bang...?

murumpok uentuek , jino lam pembahasan cara puegoet airdop kue komunitas dan kita stabil kan juga supaya bek anco pasar akibat airdrop , kon nyo muenan ,,

Mantap bang,,, saran dari lon dalam membagikan airdrop munkin droe neuh butuh grup discord atau membuat kontes untuk PNC pengenalannya untuk komunitas Steem di indonesia dan Aceh.

iya ,, teungoeh ,, ta selusuri bacut bacut nyoe tiban yang pah ,,

Good job @ades ,
I expect PNC tokens to evolve to be cool. Thank you for purchasing a JCAR token. I'm gonna Voting exchange with sending 300 JCAR Token to @j-car .

Ok friend, I really like creating progress in the digital asset base for the future of society. thanks

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Thank u for this information, I will visit it.

Hey there,
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wow this is cool, i will also look in that direction in the future

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