How many types of coins that have been made will be needed by many people

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Where it's easy to use digital currency rather than physical currency in online sales

Hello friends on cryptocurrency base PNC token link in the trade Steem Engine market.

I am still looking for goodness in making a system for the currency we make especially for PNC tokens that I have made in Steem Engine with a volume of 1 billion tokens, PNC is a new step in starting on a virtual currency base for us in Aceh and generally for everyone who sees progress in the future.

PNC is making a system to be able to progress like other well-known currencies in a well-known market exchange, of course, it is not as easy as we imagined in a short time, the Team we need good work to provide confidence to the PNC currency to attract investors to the community Pengcash. we will refer a good system to this currency to create a large community in Aceh, I see very many tokens every day being published by many people on various platforms and this makes my mind confused about reading a variety of good work systems. with this, we are very careful in taking steps so that the PNC currency becomes valuable and benefits when they have PNC tokens later.

How is a good system for future tokens needed by people

I have a lot of new tokens that I bought in my wallet but for trade in the exchange
but many tokens do not skyrocket prices or are bought by many people because tokens or coins that are issued only for trading on the stock market, does not lead to payments as currency for products or become buying currency in business in the lives of the general public, I see coins what will last is coins made for payment currencies in the form of online and all other forms of activity systems.

How important is the coin that we make to be owned by many people

The answer depends on the coin developer who makes a lot of systems on coins that are expended to be needed by many people, a lot of coins are made to be able to shop with credit cards and this is great for money in the future. because it is needed by people to cover any payments that hook their needs, and everyone must know to trade in the stock market where the risk is very high, of course you all have to look at profit and loss.

PNC tokens are looking for a way

We have a goal in that direction for PNC tokens and this depends on local government policy that can be legalized in the form of real currency, which became the buying and selling currency in the general public later, the Pengcash team will look for loopholes so that PNC tokens can be used as currency payment on future online sales managed by the Pengcash community.

Greetings to all who are on the cryptocurrency basis in Aceh
we continue to work in the advancement of digital currencies for Aceh

PNC Token... Pengcash Team


@ades, While going through from the Steemengine saw the PNC Token and good to see that you are putting efforts to make PNC Token a real value Token.

Hope that your local government will legalise it and will give a further boost by giving use case value.

Good wishes from my side towards this, Tokenised Ecosystem. Stay blessed.

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