MAPR Announcement: Changes to Token Buyback Price

in #cryptolast month

This will be in two parts, just so everything is crystal clear.

This is a brief notice to MAPR members and delegators about the token price.

From now on, and until further notice, the buyback price shall be fixed at 1.21 STEEM per MAPR token.

I see that some open sales have disappeared; I suspect they just lapsed after 30 days. But this means I can bring forward this fixed price. If and when the Steem economy changes character, then we may return to an increasing token price but, as mentioned in many posts, the large overhang in unsold tokens has an effect on the reward distribution to delegators. Keeping the price fixed will see a modest increase in the rewards - assuming actual earnings keep up!

The graphing app stopped working some time ago, but here is a reminder of the history of the MAPR token.

Launched in July 2019, this means the token has increased in value 21% in this period, and that is ignoring the reward distributions, that have been averaging about 19% APR, so perhaps about 36% over the life of the token so far.

Many members delegated to @accelerator way before it ever became a token, indeed, way back from when there was a MAP Community - hence the name MAPR, as it was initially a rewards-generator for the community.

The second part of these changes to MAPR shall be posted tomorrow. This will see a change to rewards for some low-value delegators and, again, a small nudge upwards for current major delegators.

Next part tomorrow.