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My friend will always say, every platform is unique in its own way, and that's what makes it stand out; this cannot be disputed. It's either a platform is offering unique features, services, products etc which will give it an edge over others or it falls to the mercy of the top dogs in the same business or Industry.

Also, in the world today before any investor or users get acquainted with any platform, they will surely require tangible reasons to sacrifice their time and money for that platform in question. Now imagine this, as a marketer or promoter of a project, you want to meet and discuss with someone about the project you are promoting and the person says, I have just 5mins to spare. From different perspectives, 5mins might be small and also might be enough to convince the person, this all comes down to what you have at the palm of your hands.
In my own way, I always draft out salient features or points which always come handy thus making it possible and easy to adequately discuss the said platform with anyone as soon as possible. In other terms, this draft can be called a REVIEW.

That is to say, a review is a concise short and/or long explanation about a project which will give the reader or investor the needed information as to why investing in the said platform is worth it.
On this note, I wish to introduce a project known as Pngme.



  1. The first and foremost thing to know about any project is the reason why the project is being created through which one can know if the project is in line with its set goals or not. Thus, talking about Pngme, the first thing to know is that, it was created as an alternative lending marketplace with the core aim of increasing access to capital by various markets (MFIs etc) through offering individuals and businesses the right digital credit score etc. With Pngme, achieving this feat will not only make the platform attractive to these businesses but will close the financial gap affecting the said businesses while leading to massive economic growth.

  2. Now we have known what prompted the creation of Pngme, the next question is, is it in any way different from what is known or what is already existing? The answer is YES.
    To start with, Pngme is based on blockchain and as such has one of the features of a blockchain-based platform which is decentralization, that is to say, Pngme is a platform where users are the master of their personal data etc; this is just a glimpse of what blockchain offers. In addition, when compared to traditional existing lending marketplace, capital markets etc, they are all based on a centralized system thus setting the exchange rate to suit their urge. But in the case of Pngme, it is based on blockchain at the same time using novel auctions and matching algorithms to place coupon rates in this way removing unnecessary manipulations and inconsistencies while maintaining its aim of providing an alternative lending platform which gives investors and users access to the right lending asset class.

  3. Further down the line, what actually makes Pngme, the right platform for the lending marketplace? The answer to this question revolves around the features, technologies etc within Pngme, which are there to ensure the platform is performing at optimum capacity. These technologies or features are blockchain technology, decentralized rate-setting algorithms, digital credit scoring and mobile banking app. On these suites of tools, Pngme was able to be the right lending platform fully transparent, easily accessible and trustworthy thus being perfect for borrowers seeking low-cost capital as well as for investors seeking alpha.
    Talking about easy accessibility, Pngme's mobile banking app
    makes it possible for users etc to access the platform on the Go without stress thereby being able to perform savings, credit scoring and mobile-to-mobile transactions. In the same way, with blockchain technology as well as its accompanying smart contracts, the Pngme's platform will be able to provide users with a low-cost cross border settlement as well as a non-repudiable audit trail of transactions, repayments, collateralization of loans etc.

  4. There is one thing that is synonymous with blockchain platforms, and that is, their accompanying cryptocurrencies; that is to say, the Pngme platform has its own cryptocurrency known as Pngcoin (PNG). Since Pngme is based on Ethereum blockchain, PNG tends to be an ERC 20 token generated and issued by a Token Issuer known as Andromeda Technologies Ltd. The reason for this is to ensure Pngme practice what it preaches that is, transparency and lack of manipulation; to further understand this, it means that Pngme's team won't have the power over the platform's token, thus all tokens will be duly accounted for.
    In addition, Pngcoin being the native token of the platform can be used by application users (such as business and individuals) and network validators (such as miners as the case may be). Furthermore, unlike most tokens or cryptocurrencies which dies off or lose value without achieving anything, Pngme's team tends to take a different stand which will ensure the massive adoption thus keeping the Pngcoin valuable. Therefore with Pngme offering amazing services for individuals and businesses, the faster the Pngcoin token economy grows.

  5. This review won't be complete without giving reference to the team. It is a well-known fact that most platforms growing daily today are as a result of their team. Thus, good team matters. In the case of Pngme, the team's expertise speaks volumes with the founding team having the knowledge and experience in finance, product design, blockchain etc; the team in addition to the advisors having access to a huge network of high net worth investors, markets etc.
    In all, from the founding team through the advisors, engineering and management have 20 years experience in blockchain and related technologies.


There is more to say or write about Pngme, owing to the Innovative nature of the platform as well as its aims and objectives. With this in mind, the team had no mindset of conducting any public token sale but however, the token issuer will unlock and sell Pngcoin so as to generate funds to run the activities of the platform. Also, Pngme platform offer users different ways to earn or acquire token such as staking, referral etc.

Pngme has come to carry out a huge and significant task, which is closing the financial gap which has been existing for years between the underserved such as MSMEs, MFIs etc. And owing to how the platform is built, there is no doubt, it will fulfil its goals and objectives.


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