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Hardly would the world grow without the aid of technologies; these technologies come in different forms and types, but the most important thing is, they contributed a lot to what humanity is enjoying today. In addition, before now engagements like online sports betting, online games weren't available but today we have seen many platforms promoting or launching one sports betting platform or the other.
It can't be mistaken for saying online sports betting is lucrative, this is true because there are different types of sports thus betting thereof.

However, although these online platforms, be it for games, gambling, sports betting etc is growing tremendously it is still being faced with issues such as it's centralized nature. Someone might ask how? A centralized system is one which all data is saved on a central server thus being in control of the administrators; the negative impact of this is, any manipulation can take place etc.
Therefore imagining these aforementioned online platforms is based on a centralized system, that is to say, they are prone to issues like cyber attacks, data breaches or manipulation from the administrators.

But with the advent of blockchain wherein decentralization is the order of the day, all these issues were reduced to the least minimum; thus owing to these opportunity and many more with blockchain a team created ONIZ Blockchain Platform.


For any platform to succeed not just on launching but in long term thus contributing to the affairs of humanity, there is need to offer features, products or services which will drive the said platform to be valuable.

To Begin With, What Is ONIZ?
ONIZ is a platform dependent on the blockchain with the goal of transforming the manner in which most online platforms works, for example, online gaming, online casino, online sports betting and so on. In this way being founded on the blockchain, ONIZ has its own cryptocurrency (ONZ) which is the fundamental payment token made by the team within ONIZ establishment.

Similarly, as a methodology to guarantee the platform remains valuable in the long run, ONIZ made a feature or service known as ONIZ fund. This ONIZ fund is viewed as a decentralized open-source reserve or fund helping clients, users or players to raise capital from holding ONIZ token. Additionally, by being a token holder within ONIZ platform make it workable for clients to develop sub-projects as well. From this Introduction, it is evident that ONIZ team is highly experienced and skilled and as such, ONIZ will last long term.


Why ONIZ Is The Right Platform For Various Online Systems
Just like earlier stated, ONIZ finds use in systems like online gaming, online casinos, online sports betting etc thus having the right objectives and goals which is achieved with the aid of blockchain technology and AI.
In the same vein, being a token holder on ONIZ platform will likewise make the formation of sub-projects conceivable; notwithstanding, the ONIZ platform additionally utilizes Independent AI to upgrade the online sports betting framework. In this way with ONIZ utilizing AI in sports betting, holding a specific measure of ONIZ token (ONZ) will cause the holder to have about 80% of precise betting tips.

Moreover, to guarantee cryptocurrency mass adoption, ONIZ users can get Sbobet account with sports bets which are accomplished by introducing (installing) ONIZ AI platform during betting on Sbobet. On the other hand, regarding football games, ONIZ utilizes its AI highlights to offer users satisfactory selection tips with about 85% rate of winning.
Besides, since ONIZ has its very own games, ONZ token is utilized for payment in such games; similarly, ONZ is additionally used to pay for games connected to the ONIZ platform.


ONIZ platform token has a ticker known as ONZ and its dependent on Ethereum blockchain along these lines utilizing the smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain; also being based on Ethereum blockchain means it is an ERC20 token. ONZ has a total supply of 8 billion and it's utilized for buying betting tips consequently having a massive success which runs from hundreds to thousands of dollars which of course relies upon the kind of bet used.

ONIZ platform is up and running with its Sicbo game already developed and being played by users.


Telegram Group: https://t.me/Onizco