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Introducing Blockchain And DogData Platform
How well do you know the crypto space and what it offers? To what extent do you think developers can leverage the blockchain world to bring about their projects? The answer to these questions is that the crypto space improves every day with new and amazing projects coming up, at the same time, blockchain developers are faced with endless possibilities to the type of platforms they can create thus the reason we keep seeing different platform each day. With this in mind, a team believes they have what it takes to bring about a unique platform which will set a path in the life activities of humans, this is a platform known as DOGDATA

As the name goes, one might think it is a platform where only dog data is being managed, well actually it is more than that.
But one question will still surface and that is, why DogData platform?
A study carried out by the team within DogData found that many issues when it comes to owning and managing dogs exist such as dogs not being registered owing to the fact third-party dog registration systems are expensive and insecure. Also, dog life data is found to be incomplete, unstructured and stored in fragmented databases with limited access to the said data.
Not only are dogs not registered, but there are also no safe, sharable and integrated dog life data management system, thus with no dog life data, records, behavioural milestones, next-generation offspring details all exists on paper and not interlinked.
There are other issues such as dog vaccinations being incomplete and missing and to make it worst current dog data is unverifiable or untrustworthy.
In addition, with missing Peer-to-Peer dog sale, care and welfare system leads to further challenges such as new dog buyers finding it difficult to pick a suitable dog breed.

There are of course other issues as well, but the DogData team believes that with the solution coming from its platform the aforementioned issues as well others will be taken care of.



Every platform with the hope of growing will surely have goals and objectives, DogData isn't an exemption. The DogData goals and objectives are to create or build a large community of dog owners through which they will leverage the power of this community to improve the following;
a. Dog welfare,
b. Dog breeding,
c. Dog knowledge and marketplace savings.
All these will be improved through leveraging technological solutions brought by blockchain hence using a gamified system enabled by tokens and coins.
Also, to ensure the platform is on the right track, the DogData team are in talks with industry leaders, specialists, experts, pet dog owners etc thus finding innovative solutions.

The Solution
Talking about innovative solutions, DogData team ensures that there are integrated solutions which use the best technology to make dog owner's lives easier as well as rewarding them for dog care and welfare activities. The amazing thing is, DogData will end up saving them money in the process.
Since the DogData platform is based on blockchain, there will be dog ancestry public blockchain which encompasses reference and international dog registry database. This uses the time-stamped immutable blockchain technology for all dogs, pedigree and non-pedigree hence solving the issue of lack of transparency and accountability.
In the same way, there will be a secure time-stamped data vault for all dog's vaccination registration and dog's life data, in this case using a special immutable private blockchain technology.

Also, one of the issues which limit dog owners is inefficient dog sale, to solve this, DogData will use an inclusive, modular dog sale and care contract. This will be easily tracked and also bearing incentivized care and welfare milestones linked to the PedigreeChain. In the same way, DogData platform will leverage on the world's most successful dog breeding experts, power of big data, machine learning and AI to make better and reliable breeding predictions thereby removing genetic health defects.

Another approach which the DogData team took to ensure there is an efficient dog data platform is bringing the idea of rewarding dog owners who share relevant knowledge thus creating the best information exchange to improve dog care, health, welfare while benefiting the whole dog community.
This reward for dog welfare and care activities can also be used for discount
purchases on the 4Dogs Marketplace.

Furthermore, DogData will bring about a new change where there will be dog-specific and breed-specific suggestive marketplace filled with a great selection of
products and services at low prices.
In addition, owing to the presence of blockchain, there will be a platform cryptocurrency used to raise funding. In this case, each time dog owners buy Etherbone token, it will give rise to repurchasing of Etherbone coins from the crypto exchanges, thus reducing the Etherbone coin's supply in circulation.



DogData platform already have 5 Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) namely;

  1. The PedigreeChain: This is the dog ancestry public blockchain with reference and international dog registry database which uses immutable time-stamped feature. With this, there will be easy registration for all dogs, pedigree and non-pedigree which takes place globally.

  2. Incentivized, inclusive, modular dog sale and care contract: This particular MVP is used for tracking and incentivizing care and welfare milestones linked to the PedigreeChain. That is to say, the Dog Sale Smart Contract is automatically interlinked with the PedigreeChain.

  3. DogData DNA Hunter: This involves the world’s most successful dog breeding experts, power of big data, machine learning and AI to make better breeding predictions as well as suggesting the mating that will result in healthier puppies. This will, of course, be closer to the official breed standards, therefore, helping to eliminate genetic health defects.

  4. Incentivized knowledge sharing: What occurs in this MVP is that DogData expert creates the best information exchange to improve dog care, health and welfare which will benefit the whole dog community. These experts and contributors to the dog knowledge are rewarded with Etherbone Tokens.

  5. Mobile-enabled categorized dog events creation and management: This is a tool which uses social media, location technology and keyword hashtags. It is a quick, easy to use interface allowing dog owners to register themselves and their dogs on the PedigreeChain. It also manages and uploads completed milestone documents for the Smart Dog Sale Contract.



DogData is a blockchain platform which aims to improve dog welfare, saving dog owners money hence leveraging the multimillion dog breeder and pet dog owner communities to improve dog welfare, dog breeding and dog knowledge.

To make sure everything works accordingly, the platform uses the following,
a. Erc721 Asset tokens,
b. Private blockchain,
c. Data vault,
d. AI & machine learning,
e. Suggestive marketplace,
f. Erc20 discount tokens and cryptocurrency,
g. Immutable blockchain technology for dog microchip identification and dog life data, h. Vaccination and immunization storage tracking.

The platform uses a token known as Etherbone tokens and a coin known as Etherbone coins.
Etherbone token can be mined and earned by dog owners, dog breeders or community contributors. Thus with this token, the platform provides its products and services globally. In addition, Etherbone token is based on a private blockchain thus does not use gas for transactions.

On the other hand, is Etherbone coin which is a transferrable cryptocurrency. It is ERC20 and based on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000; it is tradable on crypto exchanges.
Also, to ensure its value increases, Etherbone coins will be bought from crypto exchanges at market rates.










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