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8th January 2018

Reduced and rebalanced my portfolio today. Got them listed out with percentages nicely. Pretty sure I missed a few, but this is a good representation. You might ask if I'm just joking since I don't have Bitcoin and Ethereum as the majority. I'm not joking. You'd just have to take my word for it..

So my holdings can be characterised as highly risky as it's unusual. Barely any of the current top 10 coins. Why is Steem at the top? It's just what I use the most.. plain and simple. This is not to be taken as financial advice. Just wanna share for those who are interested. Use #crypto-portfolio if you plan on sharing yours :)






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I noticed you aren't holding any Ripple, a lot of my friends who have just gotten into cryptos are real excited about it, but I think any coin that isn't decentralized, or even has fees for that matter is destined to be surpassed by something like Steem, which is completely free and pretty much instant.


Ripple isn't much of a crypto.. lol.
Btw Steem's transaction fee is completely free, but it remains that it's not a free platform, meaning that the market's paying for the platform's operation one way or another..


You mean via witness costs and that it takes steem to create a new account?


And also a net positive capital flow from voluntary contribution :)


Lovely posts your @kevinwong I wish you will support me something thank you I'm waiting your some idea thank you

Now I gotta research again!! This crypto stuff is just moving too fast!

Btw, no need to hide your balances, we can all see in your wallet and calculate the amounts from there. Unless you have Steem on some exchange, but that just feels so 'wrong'..


The percentage is more important than amount..
Btw nothing wrong with having Steem on exchanges?


I think powered up Steem is the best Steem.


Lol true. Imagine if 100% of the supply is all powered up most of the time.??


Steem to $100.


Hi, I want to INVEST in cryptocurrency but I couldn't decide in which one I should start invest. Can ANYONE help me please?? Is "ETH" ok?


A good way to make your choice consider these things
Platform viability
Developer activity
Communty avtivity (is the community active and using the platform)
Your budget (i suggest spending on 2% of your holdings on an investment till you feel good)
Exchange listings (is it easy to buy, does it have good volume?)
There are many other criteria you can us but these will at least help you get started and build up your understanding of the cryptoverse


ETH is okay. It has some challengers in its space, but highly unlikely to be overtaken overnight.
But, no offense, putting your money into something because random internet people told you to isn't investing. You need more @masterroshi type answers right now.


Haha. He might have steem in other accounts, etc.

That's a pretty sick portfolio @kevinwong. I am 100% on board with the steem argument. Like it's a coin, that already has a working product, and you can actually use it and do meaningful stuff with it. If that doesn't sound like x10 safer than all the "whitepaper investments" I don't know what does.


If that doesn't sound like x10 safer than all the "whitepaper investments" I don't know what does.

Lol exactly. It's not easy to get adoption no matter how complicated and well crafted the plan and designs are.

All are up so much!! Don't even know which one to join >< Just glad to be in Steem during this time of bullishness 😍


I think Ethos (or BQX @ should be quite good for any users as well like Steem when it comes out :)

Solid picks you have. I like your "majority" holdings. Steem should continue to rise. XRB had a nice correction today but is already climbing, SUB should be solid- hopefully their testing goes well this month, LSK should rise up until Feb 20th when they have their rebranding/meet up, and I think BTC should be legging up for its next rise. I'm expecting $20K BTC in the near future. Good luck!

@kevinwong I see you! Great choices! I hold 30 or more different cryptos as well and I can totally understand why you prefer altcoins!

By the way I totally agree with holding BNB and KCS! I believe it is a really smart move to hold those exchanges' coins right now! Especially KCS, the KuCoin platform pay 50% of their total transaction fees revenue to KCS holders.


Still kinda dangerous though, as these exchanges have single point of failure..

thanks for showing your portfolio. A bit surprised you are not in NEO. I am definitely looking at SUB and SAN. Never heard of either of them but you have a good % of them so it must mean something good about them. Thanks.


I usually decide from logo / feel of the website first before I start digging in haha.. Bad practice i know but I need to save some time ..


hey you are a crypto millionaire. It is proof to me what you are doing is working. I am not saying its the best but its working! I may have to start thinking the same as things move rapid pace and not over analyze coin or else I will miss the boat when it moons. Thanks.

After going through your crypto-portfolio I got to realize that the world of currencies has fast evolved, before the paper money we had others which evolved to the plastic money (atm cards) and now the internet money as I would call the cryptocurrencies which is bring the right turn around ... And then i come to realize how valuable usernames and passwords will be in the nearest future...


It depends on what platform though :)


Ok, I will keep looking forward to your post...
I get amazing insights from


no silver??


haha, for sure ... just that collecting precious metals has little humor value (-: you got me !!


haha btw, what do you think of this?


the gold standard! (-: i wish it just said gold instead of fiat & gold, but i guess residing in swissland is a good sign.

Very interesting and diverse portfolio. Iota and Ethereum are quite high up on my portfolio too. I also am a big fan of Eos.

Other coins that we have in common are CVC, BTC, Steem (of course!) and a few others.

I did notice that we have some differences too - mainly OmiseGo. I am in all of my investments for long term holds, but there are a few other coins that I will be talking about in the coming weeks that I will definitely be getting involved with. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great content!


I'm too late on OMG. Just keeping the sharedrops lol :) Thanks for dropping by man


Fair enough there! No problem, thanks for the great content.

Very kool to see what you're holding and especially the %'s involved. I don't old near as many and my selection is a bit different but I'm looking to add more alts especially good ones on the lower end and just hang onto then this year! I do love my steem though and I feel it's going to do extremely well in the future. Thanks again for giving us a peak. Much appreciated!


shopping for coins is the new shopping xD

@kevinwong, Such a greatest update and you giving some message to the community from this post. Its Barely any of the current top 10 coins its always doing drop and rise. So we cannot predict what's the movement or what's the better investment coins. Look at crypto movement from coinmarketcap. We can seems every 01 minutes its changing. Currently New cryptos would be perfect. I remember you show Raiblocks (XRB). Look XRB had success looks. Thanks for the presentation.

Awesomely diverse portfolio you have here. Too much alt coins fries my brain cells. @u@

And here i am just hodling NXT, VOX atm & looking at DGB, IOTA and XLM. :3


are you using any of them btw?

What crypto coin exchange do you like? I tried to sign up for Polonex but they wanted my Social Security number.... one of the reasons why I like crypto currencies is privacy. I have been working to build a local group of investors so we can trade in person without an exchange. Have you ever traded with a friend?


Which is why 0x seems cool. Most of the exchanges don't require any ident if you're not dealing with fiat, or under an amount like 1 or 2 btc. Nope, barely trade. I usually just get and hold them in private wallet.

Wow your cryptoportfolio is very different..
I didnt see Dash or Litecoin in your list..
unlikeIy I have very few steem didnt depend to much on it..;)
I will share mine #cryptofolio...


Not a big fan of pure currencies (Dash and Litecoin are just that, can't do much with them). My only pure currency at the moment is XRB since it's very lightweight. Cool, please share :)

None of these in my portfolio:

Same goes for this one:

I assume either we are two entirely different humans beings, or you're richer than me or I just started my crypto investment journey. Personally, I think the last one is correct.

Thanks for sharing @kevinwong. By the way, I mentioned you and one of your previous articles in my last post.

Steem On!


everyone will have their own flavour. i'd be interested to know coins people have spent time studying. doesn't matter how much they've invested..


You're right. Can you do a post on upcoming privacy coins? I heard that's trending.

As someone who is just starting, I found this article extremely intriguing!

What are your thoughts on bitcoin? I know its your second most invested in. But, as a newbie to this world I gotta ask! Do you think it is still worth investing in? It seems that a lot of Crypto-based platforms are still using Bitcoin as a main currency!

Do you think the coin will Crash?

Thanks in Advance for your time! :)


I've only bought one btc before, a few years ago. Rest mined back in 2009 just for fun. Hmm I'm not a big fan of btc atm, it's getting a bit ridiculous with the transaction fees. If anything, I just use it as a gateway to cashout. That's about it.. but sure, some hedge on btc is advisable i guess since it's the biggest one right now. Nothing stays forever though, unless it can adapt and evolve

Glad to see that Steem is on top. In fact at the moment, Steem is the only crypto that I hold. Like you, I feel that Steem has much potential.

That's a lot of coins you have, but managing to get a bunch of them earlier or mid range, before a big rise definitely helps. I have been lucky to have gotten more due to the SBD price when it hit over $10, it has allowed me to invest in more coins and buy many of that coin.

It's pretty crazy to see how quickly a coin can quickly explode, Steem for example with that rise to $8 in 1-2 days, from $3. But it's very helpful for Steemit at least which is great.


Accessibility has made volume of attention much greater in crypto markets, which is why it's enough to move markets even if 1% of the people tuning in get their fair share of FOMO for whichever coin.. that plus market-makers moving up the slider..

@kevinwong - Given the recent hiccups on BTC with the transaction time and fees, BTC is becoming more like and investment rather than a currency. Many people, therefore, are jumping in - while in the short term, the price may be driven up because of this, my feeling is it will become like Gold and Real estate soon - a money parking instrument. The Altcoins (the ones with sound business ideas attached) will be used more and will grow faster I am a newcomer to crypto world but logic dictates this to me. I think your portfolio partly reflects this change too.

That is a long list of Altcoins. May I ask if you only HODL for a long time - I mean, when do you decide if the coin was a bad investment and sell or sell some for profit after a good run? Do you do that on a case by case basis or do you have generic targets in mind like "sell half after X% rise in price" etc.

Thanks for sharing the details for portfolio for such insight. Upvoted




No real targets. Usually when I see something else I wanna get in, I'll just liquidate whatever has gone up by some returns :). My list are pretty much long term holds so its easier that way.

Quite some coins you got there @kevinwong
I myself is just relying on steem as I love blogging more than trading but I do cloudmining as well.


Glad to know. Actually Bitcoin / other coins that use machine to mine are considered by most to be more decentralized. But all we're getting are just people relying on the machine to create value. Pros and cons..

how do you keep track of all these projects? :) I tend to keep it below 15 and extra 5 is usually for swing trades...


Oh I don't trade at all so that makes up for the time to monitor some of the projects every now and then :D


Very interesting question. This place is full of interesting things to read and ask questions about this for sure. Got match sticks in my eyes to keep them open....

That's a hardcore rebalancing with Steem over 50%


Lol. I didn't change steem at all, but others. Still waiting for your fav ATOM coin

I wonder how much time it took for you to study these coins before investing in them. It's quite hard to juggle 9-5 job and crypto trading/investing.


usually like 12 hours or so per coin, especially if i can't use it yet..

I think about changing my life with STEEM and I will buy toilet paper :))))

Obviously steem, my is strategy is to mine on steemit and buy some other cryptos, it has worked for some of my friends too.
Some alt,xrp,eth. You know the drill.

What a long list you have. I found it would be hard to maintain if I ever to keep my list that long. But the buy and hold strategy will reduce the stress as there is no need to keep an eye on it from time to time.

This relates to cryptocurrencies, so stay with me on this. I consider myself a video game history buff. The history of gaming consoles fascinates me because the best technology doesn't always win. I love nintento but the hardware for turbografx 16 was far superior, but it didn't matter because the people adopted the NES. There are other examples of this, the point being the best tech doesn't always get adopted. Is there any thing you look for that says "I think people will adopt this?" Or is it just too hard to tell and that's why you diversify?


Yeah in regards to stuff like VHS vs Betamax and the analogy you've put forth, tech != value. But I think with social media and just free and open information these days might inch tech == value better. Kinda hard to define what's good tech though. I just look for whatever is low-barrier and not overly-designed just to fit their hypothesis of what consumer behaviour should be.

STEEM? What is it?


It's the coolest coin I know :D


It was a joke!
I know you knew, but it’s for the others.
BTW Ethereum just passed 1170. lol

I see your nice crypto portfolio. That's awesome. Steem is most holding by you. Steem currently gave better benefit via increase SP. Why didn't see LTC and IOTA your wallet?


there's iota. no ltc. just not a big fan of btc types..

Interesting, not a bad portfolio.
I'm surprised that you're not in Nebula and ICON, they are good too :)


In your own words, what's ICON in one or two sentences?


ICON is a new Korean ethereum that is backed by financial institutions and the country itself.
In a month there will be a huge improvement and there is potential to get profits. Not sure about buying it right now, because it's already jumped in price, but it's not bad too.

@kevinwong Steem is a definite here ! Best wishes :D@splendorhub prediction.jpeg

Nice! Cool to see what you are doing with the crypto market! Steem to the moon woo hoo!

Nice. I need to get into substratum. Glad you have so much confidence in steem bc im about 80% steem. If these etfs get approved do you think bitcoin goes on yet another strong bull run?


Probably. BTC is my "idiot hedge".. just because i think continued support for it is irrational lol. (everybody's doing the same perhaps which is why it happens)

You have a ton of small coins, it would be nice if you showcased some of them.
Also I made an account on with your referral link, I hope this little experiment doesn't go south :)

You have so many coins... I bet part of them are situated in Binance.
Cause they have a lot of new tokens)) Your portfolio is not half bad actually.

Right now is very important to make huge researches for new upcoming tokens. Because technology is expanding and people learn from previous mistakes (sometimes).

cryptocurriencies are the future..

Cheers to you to have zero Ripple, I respect that and do the same. Used to trade SAN before the first run last year. Other than that I don't have almost no BTC and zero ETH in my portfolio. All in the up and coming coins, but ready to sell half of it at any sign of a massive BTC bull run :) Thanks for sharing Kevin! 100% upvote

Nice! Very diversified!

I follow your share with pleasure
thanks for your support 👍

Wow your cryptopolfio Exchange Nice post @kevinwong

image kede warung nasi aceh.FM SETIA CAFEE


Wow gorgeous....

Very interesting choice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Очень интересный выбор. Спасибо, что поделились им с нами.

steem for life and what other crypto do you think will have better future


in my opinion ethereum @blazing

Thanks for give your opinions @kevinwong. We can checked any-time cryptos changes. Every time move and change cryptos top level. Current time I've seen new coins in promoting level and seems bullish trend. Past time XRP seems high volume but immediately dip from high percentage. XRB now good. But all humans trust BTC yet. As me, trust steem yet. Steem power up best solution I think.

You own every freaking coin on the market :D :O

thanks for this information, its helpful..

Hi, I want to INVEST in cryptocurrency but I couldn't decide in which one I should start invest. Can ANYONE help me please??


It's hard to answer. Best not to put everything in one basket..

Hello. What app are you using for portfolio to see statistic of your coins?


It's listed at the end of the post :)

Thank you for this information
Not a week went by before Steim climbed to unprecedented numbers, and at the end of the week it was known that something had slipped back into the past.
Why is there a difference between trading platforms?

Kevin many thanks for your superb vote on my Boba Fett design!

salt is a really good choice to have in portfolio right now

i think ethereum is the future. Hodl :-D

Steemit has the potential to be a facebook or twitter in the future . It was not heard so much when Facebook was established. Steemit deserves top rankings with increasing number of users and increasing share in many forums. Now everyone is using Steemit and Steemitten is trying to learn something. He's making money and learning. Steemit is among the more exclusive and more respected platforms, thanks to people who make useful and unique sharing like @kevinwong. I'm sure the stem crypto money will increase day by day. You see how much it has increased in the 1-month period. I expect more increase.


I already vote you go, please vote have for me back to brother.

I normally use blockfolio to follow my portfolio of coins and tokens there isnt other way, so many places i have small amounts of wealth...

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Wish you a good day. @kevinwong

Am liking all the information on here. All the new areas of research and all the sensible people to ask questions to. Enjoying every seconds if if am bamboozled right now. Hope to start swinging home runs helping others real soon.


Real excited to join the steemit, not really sure how it works, but will continue follow reading your post to learn it more. Thanks

you are great people, i want to be one of you, what should i do to be like you ,,

Very cool. I am new to the cryptocurrency world. I only own the little bit of steem that I've earned on here so far. But I have been doing a lot of reading about the market including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, acchain, the crypto-ruple, musicoin, hive technologies and the block chain technology in general. Thank you for sharing your investments like us. It is interesting to see how people are approaching their investments in different ways.

Is that we need to wait SBD to raise and we only can sell?


No idea what you mean. You can sell it anytime. I personally wouldn't hold but it's up to anyone really..

Wow very nice your post ...

Hey @kevinwong, wow! I was just looking at your crypto portfolio and you are into a whole bunch of alts! Would be really interested to understand your investment strategy. How long before you take profits to buy other alts? Do you swing trade? Etc? Thanks! Upvoted!


Hi. I highlighted some of my criteria in the New Year’s post. No swing trades, basically all long term holds. Will only take profit for other alts when I find something good :)

Hey @kevinwong, So, LISK is what everyone has in their list. Cool.

@kevinwong Not surprised that STEEM takes up the majority of your portfolio.
When it comes to crypto-investing, do you predominantly look for tokens with dedicated use cases? Or you still see it as speculative, for now?

You're quite a collector of cryptos Kevin. Any that you are missing out on atm, your portfolio almost reads like Coin Market Cap. =)

Except, I see no Ripple. Good man!

Hey Kevin, very decent portfolio in my opinion. Wanted to ask, x amount of platforms, x amount of platforms in your portfolio, or just buy things that you find interesting?

Also, any particular reason, why Lisk is a heavier holding over ETH and EOS?

wow very useful for me in writing your post, thanks.

Nice post, thank's for the information

Pretty interesting! Will follow your channel now and am curious about more...

The diversification of your portfolio gives the diversification of my portfolio slight insecurity.

Considering how pumped you seemed on EOS from the start, I’m almost a bit surprised to see it at only 2% of your portfolio.

Curious: what are the reasons you invested higher amounts in Raiblocks, Substratum, Santinent, and Lisk?

thanks for enlighteners. I feel this is very useful. hopefully my future can follow your footsteps


Hy @kevinwong iam like your post good motivation
please support me...!!!!