News: Massive 25% Airdrop for BTX Incoming + BITCORE Promo Video

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Bitcore (BTX)

This is the recent trailer for Bitcore, make sure to watch!

My short summary of the recent news:

  • current airdrop model will end as scheduled Nov. 2nd 2017, 12 p.m. CEST (UTC +2).
  • Oct. 30th is an important date for any BTC holder: a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain will be taken and 40% of remaining BTX supply distributed to every address with 0.001+ BTC. This is then redeemable for anyone with access to his private keys.
  • The same day a mega airdrop is to take place, giving an extra +25% for every BTX address with 10+ BTX.
  • After Nov. 2nd the airdrops continue if you registered your address (available at beginning of Oct.) Even addresses with less than 10 BTX can now participate!

    Here is the original full message for all BTX enthusiats and holders:


Dear Bitcore community,
we wanted to say thank you to all of you and your broad support!
The first weeks were very successful, and we are happy to announce you the following points:

I. The claiming at from the April snapshot will end exactly in November, the 2nd, 2017, 12 pm CEST (UTC +2).

II. The increasing demand of Bitcore motivated us to gift you with two nice surprises.
We will create an actual snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain in October,the 30th. Every adress with min. 0.001 BTC will be funded with 40% Bitcore (BTX) of the total amount per bitcoinadress.
At this way, we will distribute approximately 7 million Bitcore (BTX) directly. In the end we drop around 45-50% of all nonclaimed bitcore and increase the circulation supply with around 8 millon coins.
We load the coins directly to the public keys, which are included in the snapshot. You can redeem them without a time limit.
We also have a special surprise for our loyal bitcoreholders on October the 30th. Every bitcoreholder with local wallets loaded min. 10 BTX gets an special one time airdrop of 25% instead of 3% !

III. We will be updating our weekly 3% monday airdrop. At the beginning of october, we place an online registration page for the 3% airdrop. You have to registrate ONE TIME your BTX adress with a signed message.
From November the 2nd, the weekly monday airdrop will be only paid to registered adresses. The rule to have min. 10 BTX in your wallet will be dropped.

To be sure that you are captured for the snapshot, it is imperative that the Bitcore (BTX) have arrived in your wallet not later than 6 blocks after midnight!
We reserve the rights to make changes as required.

Your Bitcore Team
Jon, Chris & Steve

For more info make sure to visit
And for an open discussion check out:

Make sure to follow me @xwerk for more updates on Bitcore and much more.


Sounds really good. Thanks for pointing this, had to grab some BTX quickly ;-)
Followed and updvoted!

Thank you. They have a pretty active slack and discussion going. Devs consider any input from the community, feel free to join.

I've only known about Bitcore today. Did a quick check including at its website and I became intrigued. So much so that I've opened an account at Cryptopia since Bittrex and Poloniex don't have it listed (yet).

Don't know what's going to happen to BTX's price over the coming weeks. Especially after Oct. 30 with the planned massive airdrop to all Bitcoin addresses with a minimum value. In addition to registered BTX addresses.

But I think I'm going to risk it. At worse I will end up with another coin but with lower value than what I had put in. However BTX is too intriguing to ignore.

this is great! ty for this info!

upvoted, resteemed AND I will mention on my show in a few hours if all goes well.

Awesome, thank you!

nice to see Bitcore doing it's thing. looks like a good long hodl for me.

good information

please please upvote back thank you sir

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by the way, is there any difference between a Bitcore paper wallet and the one that can be downloaded from the site?

It's now October but I do not see the online registration from the website to register my BTX address. Is there any update about this?

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