PIPCOIN Africa's first Crypto Currency 1.9 million users in 5 months

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 Pipcoin is Africa’s first P2P Cryptocurrency and is more seen as an emerging digital currency that seeks to revolutionize accessibility and raise awareness about the importance of online trading to the multitudes of both the aspirant traders and those who are completely unaware of the abounding benefits and opportunities offered by the digital market. Thus, for all its worth as a potential life-changing tool, we want Pipcoin to be everybody’s business.


 The philosophy of the Pipcoin system is very simple and straight-forward, it is simply Africa’s footprint to change society and increase its economic stability as well as decrease socio-economic problems that stem the continent.We strongly believe the amount of unlimited profits made can change everybody’s life for the better, which is why our company seeks to offer everybody an opportunity and the option of making their lives better through trading Pipcoin. A lot of people want to do something to better their lives, but the opportunities are so limited that, a lot of dreams have been abandoned.Our unique approach is designed to make risk minimal in such a manner that trading becomes fun, despite its inherent risks.Therefore, in line with our vision of a trading world, we believe in popularizing the Pipcoin digital currency to minimize the impact of poverty and unemploymentOur business is not only about us trading Pipcoin, but also to raise a sufficient level of awareness about trading, for the benefit of the multitudes of the needy people in our communities. No doubt, Pipcoin will be instrumental even in relieving our Government of the burden of single-handedly trying to improve socio-economic conditions of the poor and the disadvantaged. 


 By joining Pipcoin you can increase your spare cash by 35% per month & you get paid 4 levels deep on referral bonuses. We have creating software system that automatically multiplies your investment by 35% per 30 days / 1.16% per day. The banks do something similar except they keep the profits so we making them exist and rich. The banks are by law required to keep 10% of your money for reserve and for incase you need it. The other 90% they are allowed to use and do with as they please. 


 The current value of Pipcoin is R100 which is $6.90 USD this is expected to rise in the next 30days from now so it will be wise to invest on pipcoins while the price is still fixed at R100 and in dollors $6.90 per Pipcoin


 You get 35% Intrest on your total amount of Pipcoin in your account. Pipcoin pays 4 levels deep 1st level 10%, 2nd level 5%, 3rd level 4% and 4th level 3% on whatever your dowline puts in. Example: If you have 10 people in your first line and they each buy 1 Pipcoin you get 10% (0.10 Pipcoins) from each of them giving you 1 Pipcoin.
If you invested in 1 coin (R100) then you will have 2 Pipcoins (R200) growing at 1.16% per day giving you a total of R270 in 30 days.


 You want to be paid infinite levels then you have to become a Manager you need 150 people direct in your downline. 


 Please click on the following link:https://www.mypipcoins.com/[email protected] and follow these instructions to successfully register your account.
1. Sponsor ID: [email protected] this cannot be changed and should not change as it is the link between you and your guider. If you don’t have a guider you are left in the dark and have no support.
2. Email ID: Please fill in your email address this will also be your username.
3. Mobile No: Your number must be a total of 11 numbers. Please this is very important so many new members get this wrong and don’t receive their OTP (One Time Password) Pipcoin is an International company, so you have to replace the 0 in the beginning of your number with your country code 27 for South Africa or go to https://countrycode.org/ for a list of other codes that is not in SA)
example: 27799068836 (right way) 0799068836 (wrong way).
4. Skype ID: If you have a Skype account then type it in my Skype account is scwebcms if you would like to chat to me on Skype.
5. Associate name: Everybody asked what is this. Your Associate Name is the name that is on your bank account, the name someone has to use to pay money into your account if you type this wrong you cannot get paid on your investment.
6. Country: South Africa… etc – State: Gauteng – City: Johannesburg 


 After you have registered and logged please follow the following instructions:
1. Please go to accounts then click on Add Bank Account wait for screen to change and click ADD New.
2. Click on Profile then click on My Profile.
3. Click on My Reffral Link to get your referral link select the link and copy it.
4. Keep this link in a safe place and give it to all the people you speak to that is interested in Pipcoin.
5. Click on the following link to get some training videos about Pipcoinhttps://mypipcoins.com/Member/Pipcoin-Tutorial.aspx  


 After you have registered and logged please follow the following instructions:
1. Read the notice explaining what the currency value currently is.
2. Close the notice by clicking on the x in the left corner
3. Two buttons – SELL WITHDRAW & BUY INVEST and your Pipcoin balance will display on your screen.
4. Click on the BUY INVEST BUTTON
5. Read and click the accept the terms and conditions then click next.
6. Enter the deposit amount: Pipcoins costs R100 per Pipcoin at the moment. 1 Pipcoin = R100, 5 Pipcoin = R500, 10 Pipcoin = R1000, 50 Pipcoin = R5000, 100 Pipcoin = R10 000, 500 Pipcoin = R50 000, 1000 Pipcoin = R100 000.
7. Enter the amount of Pipcoins you would like to buy for example 3 Pipcoins = R300.
8. Security Code: this is the same code that was give to you by the guider or by your request on your cell or email.
9. Click Submit.
10. You will get a red box stating that Your Request is Accepted.
11. Click the x in the right corner
12. You will see your Buy Order ticket on the right side of the screen. 


 The one thing you need in this industry is someone that uses Pipcoin as a business and actually help his downline succeed. As my upline always tells me: duplicate yourself because if u can do that then u will be successfull and your downline will be more successful. He currently has made a huge success with affiliate marketing he makes a 5 figure income per month but he has been working very hard for over 8 months he has more than 1000 members in his downline