HOT NEWS !!! Summary of events from the world of cryptocurrencies - 15/01/2018

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80 % of all bitcoins have been dug out, the Central Bank of Germany: Cryptocurrencies are to be regulated globally !!!

The bitcoin protocol, based on the track in 2008, depicting in its paintings Satoshi Nakamoto, which is complete under the total bitcoin, is to reach exactly 21 million units. The number of 16 800,000 legal bitcoins already dug up, which exceeded my 80% ceiling. There is still 4.2 million BTC left for digging up. Often you will buy questions, who will be kicking when the bitcoin pool is over. The answer is simple and nothing will change. Miners are equipped with a block of new bitcoins, their attempt is only a commission for users' transfers, their sum for the sake of transactions.


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