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Now it’s official! HitBTC trading platform has opened deposits/withdrawals for True Flip’s tokens (TFL). Find the listing here.

NB -- TFLs belonging to the Team (20% of the initial emission) are stored safe and intact and won’t be subject to trade - in full accordance with White Paper. Every interested person can explore this by checking the following wallet.

True Flip has gained the total of 2000+ in Bitcoin equivalent (BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH were accepted) during its successful crowdsale conducted on 28.06-28.07.17. The company initially offered up to 21 000 000 tokens at the price of 0,0005 BTC per TFL. Over 3000 participants acquired the total of 6 247 267 TFLs, while the rest of the initial amount was “burned” to proportionally increase each token holder’s percentage in the overall token amount.

The final overall amount of existing TFL after burning is 8 924 667 tokens. No more True Flip tokens will be issued, which brings extra value to this limited offer.

We continue talks with major cryptocurrency exchanges to list TFL token on additional platforms.

True Flip Team

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these are some good news!
great to see the project moving

thats all very nice...
and its good to be able to officially the tokens on an exchange but there are still a few open questions...
on your broadcast you wanted to talk about the future and plans which is understandable... but there is still no answer on how the dividends that were promised are to be paid, and in what way...
could you possibly shed some light on this?
and are any other exchanges planned in the near future?

thanks in advance


That is also what I want to ask! I think a coin/token with dividends is very attractive, such as NEO can generate GAS. Hope to see TFL on big exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, etc. also in Korean exchanges and Chinese exchanges!

what is the use of trueflip token

Great news!! Hoping to see TFL in more exchanges, especially Korean exchanges, it seems that the people there are very enthusiastic about crypto currencies. I will definitely hold my tokens!

That's cool to know thanks for the update :D

how to witdrawl tokens to my account on true flip? which address do i use from true flip or do i need specially an ether wallet account for this?