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Dear TFL holders,

It’s unbelievable, but another 3 months have passed in a blink of an eye :) Therefore Master Flip – our special token holder game – is on its way!

The draw will take place at 18:00 UTC, April 10. The current Prize fund amounts to 16 BTC - to be distributed among TFL holders in a fair and transparent way.

Here’s a post-release on the previous draw in Q4, 2017.

To participate please use the following instructions:

Step 1. Park TFL Tokens before 15:00 UTC, April 10.

  • Log in to your existing account on, or sign up a new one;
  • Choose "TFL token" on the left sidebar;
  • Find the blue tab in Dashboard and click "Park more";
  • Use the indicated address to transfer TFL from your wallet.

Step 2. Make sure you’ve got Flip Coupons for the parked TFL.

  • Flip Coupons allocation starts on April 2;
  • Flip Coupons are distributed automatically since a user parked the belonging TFL;
  • We award a Flip Coupon per every 100 TFL you own;
  • Your Flip Coupons will appear on, right next to the Balance.

Step 3. Take part in the Survey.

  • Choose “Master Flip” in the sidebar. You'll have to complete a survey prior to the game start. Please share your thoughts on True Flip development in 2018.
  • Step 4.** Fill a ticket in “Master Flip” before 18:00 UTC, April 10.
  • Read the rules carefully, make your choice and confirm it.

Step 5. Get your Reward on April 11.

  • Visit on April 11, check the draw results and get your rewards.

Enjoy the game and Good luck!

TF team


Thanx for the information. 😊😊

Great to see the date coming soon. I have one question for you. Is everyone receiving a part of prize or is there a jackpot to win for one person? Both would be nice. Just not sure if I understood correctly...

last time it was evenly distributed with a bit luck. You could choose between a winning chance of 99% to lower value with bigger prize like your type of person.

No “Master Flip” on side-bar!!!