State of True Flip -- #2

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Another week flew by, while we spent days and nights improving True Flip. The recent developments include lots of networking - good communication stays the best way to build the best partnerships, which we could rely on. Simultaneously we hold 30 meetings a week and work out the product development strategy. Withal we carefully work on scaling the human resources so that there’s enough people to handle the existing tasks.

There’ve been a few measurable updates since the last week, and these appear to be crucially important ones:

  1. The tickets’ price 2x reduced – now 0.0005 BTC;
  2. Dogecoin (DOGE) is accepted – along with BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC and DASH;
  3. Our Ethereum smart contract has been verified

By the way, to date True flip has a track of 150 draws, 47 BTC raffled to the luckies and over 112 BTC in Jackpot, which will be increased again during this fall!

There're lots of questions yet to be solved, but the overall progress shows that the chosen vector is correct, with almost no unexpected scenarios :)

See you in our social channels!

True Flip Team!

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Nice informative...

Nice, thanks for informing us :) Excited to see the marketing campaign and other exchanges

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oh so that is why i didn't see any post you were doing lot of hardwork behind it good to know we have a great team here who works round the clock :) thanks for sharing the update :D

When will you host the Lottery for investors ?

The ticket sales gone up to nearly 2.000 today. That's a good sign that several things work out like intented. I'm excited about further developments and support Trueflip!


Any update for investors. ???