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It’s Monday night here, and we launch the new weekly dispatch to become this project’s main newsletter for years ahead (we hope). So, meet State of True Flip, where we publish the past week’s developments and updates of the world’s #1 blockchain lottery!

  1. Token holder profile vastly redesigned, correct data on users' TFL # and %
  2. Transaction history available now in the Token holder profile, with sorting options (refilled balance, bought tickets, winnings, funds withdrawal);
  3. Bulk purchases finally work – buy up to 100 tickets a time, for up to 150 future draws, program your numbers or choose auto fill;
  4. Bitcoin Cash is now accepted along with BTC, LTC, ETH and DASH;
  5. The Jackpot will increase to 100 BTC on 29/08 (tomorrow);
  6. Security updated: separate 2FA and email confirmation added for secure funds/tokens withdrawal.

It seems plenty of stuff is done to provide a smoother UX for both players and token holders. But that’s just a beginning :) We’ll keep you posted on the Team’s progress with this newsletter - once a week starting now. Of course, all other communications will continue in accordance with our workflow.

So stay tuned and feel free to contact us – we are here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

True Flip Team

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Thank you for the update! Great to hear the progress! I think True Flip needs some good marketing on Youtube, so that more people will know about it!
Also want to know about the dividends for token holder. Hope to see some information about it soon!


If you log in to the new investor page, you can see a breakdown of possible dividends.


A late thank you for the information!! Very useful!
I just figured out how to check the replies on Steemit!

Wow, some great news! Thanks for informing us :) Keep working on marketing, you really need it.

It's good that some progress is being shown but more needs to improve. I still have Tx reserve ID's missing and Tx's incomplete. Ticket sales are very low in my opinion so a good marketing campaign should really help. Is advertising going ahead globally? I am promoting it on my website but due to recent upgrading and the freezing of the free tickets before has made a lot of people skeptical about it now. I do think this has fantastic potential to be absolutely huge but it's not being marketed.

Very cool. But when I can deposit my bonus token from my wallet?

This is a very welcome development.

I expect this project to grow HUGE, being one of the first globally accessible SWEEPSTAKE. It only needs more advertising on Bitcoin/crypto related spheres. It will get there eventually. Given the site is easy on the eyes. Keep up the good work. GL to the team.

Great to know about that thanks for updating once again :D

How will a new Jackpot be seeded from the old one? It would take too long till it has an appropriate size. In the moment the real world lotteries have a better cost/award ratio.

I agree with @goldenpigcoin. Please work on marketing in crypto spheres. This would attract much greater attention to your platform, increasing the per day ticket sales tremendously. Also, keep us posted about the developments. Welcome article! Thanks.

When will you host the Jackpot for investors and how do you plan on giving out dividends to investors ?

You guys should sign off with 'Yours Truely'.