Cheaper tickets, 100+ BTC for Jackpot!

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We’ve all been waiting for this! True Flip has reduced twice the cost per ticket, so that now it’s 0,0005 BTC. All the winnings’ sizes reduce in the same proportion – 50% – to match our original model. Except the Jackpot, which now exceeds 100 BTC and keeps growing rapidly.

Thus we make True Flip twice as affordable to players across the globe, twice as attractive :)

More news to follow in the coming days, as we keep crafting the product to fit people’s expectations with the start of broad marketing campaign.

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True Flip Team

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I am looking forward to winning that jackpot today ;-)


If i would win 100 BTC i will start traveling around the world.

How to enter

Well that's exciting. I played 2x with no luck a few wks so. 100btc is enticing. Might have to try again

I am a TFL Token Holder so i hope the best for this project.

I hope more and more people will know about this project. Looking forward to the big success!!

What are the odds for one ticket?

damm that is just amazing jackpot to be won :D

When will you host the Jackpot for investors and how do you plan on giving out dividends to investors ?