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Steem has 0 transaction fees and confirms in under 3 seconds. Bitshares is just as fast. Even Ethereum is much faster than Doge. So Doge isn't the fastest, it's not the cheapest... What does it have going for it? It's a meme that had its 15 minutes of fame long ago. It's hard for one particular meme to stay relevant when there's new memes coming out every day. I suggest you reevaluate your dogecoin holdings. Wish you the best, and I really do hope Doge works out for you anyways.


Sure there are new coins around, with new shiny tech. But doge is close to bitcoin source code so it provides same code security and can profit from bitcoin patches and innovations while still staying wow. Dont see doge as an investment - dogecoin is a home for fun loving cryptocoin geeks. And regarding the power of the doge meme ... always remember ... doge spelled backwards is eGod ;)