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in crypto-news •  2 years ago 

Wagerr has been added to Tidex Exchange. Tidex, which has been in beta since it's launch in January of 2017 is based in Russia. They've added a number of popular trading pairs as well as many Waves assets. Check out their latest trading pair, Wagerr at https://tidex.com/exchange/#/pair/WGR_BTC

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Invested a bit in wagerr but have stopped checkin in on them since I am waiting for milestone achievements.

They're a new but promising crypto. I agree, waiting on bigger news and milestone completions is the way to go. But progress is progress! =)

Lets hope we grow together.

already hold 10k wagerr i hope it will give me 10x return

great news. i bought some wagerr, let see in future.