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Long anticipated Reddcoin Redd-ID is well on it's way to being released soon! Rumor has it that this is this long anticpated feature will be released, finally bringing some seriously real world use to ReddCoin! Redd-ID is a unique new service that allows users to associate a username with public keys, social network identieis, and more, all at the blockchain level! Each ID is verified on the blockchain and then linked to your Reddcoin address. This all new ID can then be used for sending and receiving ReddCoin to common names in a public, searchable Address book!

Learn more here:

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Reddcoin & Steem are the two cryptocurrencies that have lead the path in integrating social networking and blockchain.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Thank you sir!

7 Months later, where are you Redd-ID? The most anticipated tech and possibly a game changer for Reddcoin. This is a must release, and would be nice to get an update and a revised estimate on when will this get finished and launched.

Very cool, I got some Reddcoin yesterday, I am sure it will rocket up when redd ID is released.

I just bought in as well. As soon as some bigger players start taking notice of how big an update this is, i think it'll sky rocket! =)

You think it could hit a dollar?

Coin supply is far too large for that to happen anytime soon.That'd make it's Market Cap larger than ETH. I'm eyeing it hitting $.01 which would be like a 600% gain =).

I thought that too, but in a market that is so heavily affected by hype it really has me wondering. If everybody starts snatching up Reddcoin at the same time when redd ID comes out it could artificially boost the price above what it should be. Maybe not a dollar but definitely more than what the market cap would dictate. At least for a short while before it corrects.

People put too much stock in market cap which keeps changing and growing. As most of you know Redd has went well above $.01 and $1 will happen as soon as or shortly after Redd ID is announced as long as there are no major issues associated with it. People don't understand that only %1 of those who want to get into crypto are in so the market cap is about 99% smaller than it could be.

I hope so! It was up to like $0.025 just a week ago. It's back down to a penny now, but I think Reddcoin will be one of the first coins integrated into any existing large scale wallet applications for existing social networks when it does happen.

ReddCoin is def undervalued , should be at least .01 -.05 once Redd ID is launched

this is good news,will buy again, thanks for the info, upvoted and followed.

i was mine some reddcoin and save on exchange. i never seen again. i will see when reddcoin goes in moon. i hope.

Its really a unique program indeed