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Kore , launched way back in 2014, has been sleeping for what seems like eternity in the world of crypto where time stops for no Coin. However, recently Kore's price has exploded, with prices at times 800% higher than they were a month ago! So why this explosive growth? What's the technology that makes Kore Tick? Kore's goal is to offer a suite of technologies to privatize your entire online profile from purchases, to phone calls, to web browsing.

Tech #1: Wallet transactions and staking over Tor.
Kore has Tor built right into the wallet, allowing for Private, secure, untraceable transactions and Staking from any device, from anywhere. Most coin transactions can be tracked back to an IP if you know what your doing; and IP Addresses can be tied to individuals with high probability. In a world where laws pertaining to Crypto are fluid, in a world where the NSA is collecting data on every single American, and a large percentage of the world's populous as a whole, private transactions are invaluable.


Tech #2: Tor Browser integrated into the Wallet.
In an effort to privatize your online life in one fell swoop, the devs of Kore will offer a Built in Browser with Tor ready to use. Tor was originally developed by the U.S. Navy to protect Top Secret U.S. Government Communication transmissions during intelligence operations. Tor was later taken over by the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that advocates for anonymity on the internet.
To create anonymity, the Tor network creates a circuit, or web of encrypted network connections. When data is sent from one pint to another on the network, a path is randomly chosen in that circuit, one hop at a time. Each relay that the data passes through only knows which relay gave it data and which relay it is going to send data to, all content remains encrypted and invisible to the relay stops until it reaches it's final destination.

Tech #3: KOREPBX for secure wallet to wallet, VOIP calling, Text and Video:
All users of Kore will have access to a VOIP calling, text, and video Chat service built right into the wallet. If you've used Skype, you have a pretty good idea of how this service works. However, unlike skype, it's all done over Tor to keep your data secure and impossible to intercept!

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The price exploded because it was the victim of a pump and dump. But because the total coin supply is so low, the attention that the coin got after being pumped was enough to keep it afloat at a new price. Most people think there had to be a reason behind the price rise but it was indeed a PnD. I'm not even sure if the project is still alive.

Good explenation, finally a PnD NOT gone wrong :D

i like your comment veritees i upvote it

Thank you for the info, looks like KoreCoin got the attention it needed :)

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nice post