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in crypto-news •  2 years ago 

Gamecredits just announced that their GameCredits Storefront has been launched in beta! This is the first CryptoCurency Based mobile store to hit the market. While the beta will not support payments at this time, it should be implemented very soon. Each game that uses the platform is already prepared for payment wrapping to enable in-game purchases using GameCredits as a payment gateway.

In August, GameCredits has scheduled a CryptoCurrency/ Gaming Presentation in India. GameCredits plans to launch a countrywide marketing campaign using Bollywood starts alongside this presentation.

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awesome, this coin good investment

I'd have to agree! Really excited for what they have in store!

nice post. keep good work.

As a gamer I'm all about game credits. Do you have any more information on game credits or their marketing campain in india, as july comes to a close?