How I turned $2000 into $200,000 in 4 Months...

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A few people have asked me to reshare this story on the Crypto Mob group on Facebook. So I'm going to try and explain what I bought and how it all panned out...

This is just to give you an insight into how fast everything within my portfolio changed. I will bring up some old images too from the start, middle and end. Because it was CRAZY.

I got into Crypto pretty late. I started researching it in the backend of December 2016. I bought my first loads of Crypto in March, I remember in May myself and Michelle (girlfriend) in our new house, no sofa lying on the floor trying to get a grip with Poloniex and Bittrex.

We bought some terrible coins. Just to learn it. Can't even remember the names. A little bit here and there.

I then discovered the art of RESEARCHING. What a tool that is.

I discovered the power of Reddit. I discovered the leverage in the lower cap coins that will make my Bitcoin grow.

I also discovered Udemy and YouTube courses on how to research the Fundamentals in coins... For example;

  • Purpose
  • Is it Unique?
  • The Team?
  • The Whitepaper?
  • Good community?
  • Token Metrics?
  • The price...

Stuff like this all matters when you buy into a coin. Certainly, the token metrics and the community is key for me but also so is the team. How experienced are they? Can the make the project awesome and to go alongside that... Is it needed and is it unique? These all matter for demand.

So let's go... Back in time.

Officially bought Crypto in March 2017. I bought BTC. I also bought some ETH and LTC at the time on Coinbase. These all grew from March to June

I then bought into Antshares (NEO) this was my first coin I researched other than BTC, ETH and LTC.

By October (After a flight from America) I had this as my portfolio...


By December it looked like this!


By January it then looked like this!!!!


Amazing... Power of crypto is right there...

How did I do it?

I used a method which I like to call compounding of profits. I would take profits out of coins and put them into other coins which would also likely to go up...

So I bought into ETN ICO. I made a huge profit and put that elsewhere which also turned profits and kept repeating the cycle. Before you knew it. I had a lot of coins all doing very well and growing in the bull-run.

So if you are thinking... My portfolio is bleeding right now. Remember... Do fundamental research on your coins. Keep the faith and be patient.

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