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Why am I even surprised about this? We should have known this was coming eventually. The people with deep pockets still want to maintain control over us. Instead of allowing us to become our OWN bosses and control our OWN destiny, they will try any way possible to stop us.

True story --> I have had 2 Facebook business pages for 1 1/2 years and I ALWAYS ran ads on them with no problem. One was for NTW and Affiliate Marketing and the other one was for Health and Wellness. I never used any profanity, demeaning words, or obscene images. They had no problems taking my money all this time.

Last week I tried to put out one Health and Wellness ad like I usually do every once in a while. By the way, last year Facebook had banned the majority of Health and Wellness ads and posts across the board simply because the ads were showing the truth about cancer, prescription drugs, etc. and Facebook didn't want people to get wind of THE TRUTH. There are a few posts and ads that still slip through.

To continue my story.....for some reason I received a warning from Facebook stating that my ad needed editing because it had profanity and demeaning languange and a link to a capture page.

What the whaaaaaat???!!!!

Ok...well, that was not true and my links always go to a capture page, which was never a problem before. I kept staring at my ad for the longest time wondering what the heck were they talking about because that was furthest from the truth.

Nevertheless...I was in the middle of tweeking a couple of words when all of a sudden, they sent me a message saying they banned me from putting out ads!! I was not happy about that. Knowing me, I was not going down without a fight. I disputed the ban more than once. And more than once they said they looked at my account and are not changing their mind. Well, my last response was that I'm shutting down both biz accounts which, in the long run, was one of the best decisions I've made since I've been on Facebook because their rules are getting ridiculous. I still have my personal page up and running though.

Fortunately....Facebook is not the only game in town. :-)

Read the Article below. This is why Facebook gets a strike from me and millions of others....but I know they don't care because they are making space to show more local news in our News Feed which I don't even want to see.


After reading this article, what do ya'll think? Is Mark Zuckerberg a sellout?

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