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RE: SEC Rules Tokens Could Be Securities / Russian Airline Using Ether / ETH & ZEC Atms

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I personally believe the SEC getting involved could potentially be great for the cyrpto market. This could finally be the end to all of the P&D scams and weed out all of the false crypto believers. Although many people believe that whenever the SEC gets involved the party is over, I'm staying positive and am hodling until bitcoin hits that $500k mark. Keep on steemin!



Love your encouraging lines about sec involvement in crypto ...but as you are optimistic about btc...what of altcoins...any hope?

We'll see a trickle down effect as more visibility comes to cryptocurrency in general. Especially coins that are potential disruptors.

great ...lets hope for the best
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Litecoin, Ripple, Nem, EOS, Iota. They all have great potential because of the technology behind them. Especially Iota would be a total game changer for all things online if it ever reached mass adoption.

thanks for the update...will keep checking out...find time also to read other stuffs...maybe my blog might interest you. will update soon...

Yeh sure 'getting the SEC involved could be great for the crypto market' lmao. You think so?
When has more regulation EVER been good for ANYTHING profitable?
Keep the SEC and Wall St away from crypto. Their involvement will almost guarantee price stability and no growth alone best case. Worst case is they end up outlawing the whole space.

Like I said before, many people believe that the party will be over when the SEC officially steps in; however, I just see it as a way of slowing down the process a little. But what's wrong with organic growth? Look at the equities market, tons of equities still have substantial growth even with the SEC regulating it. In my honest opinion the crypto market isn't going anywhere. We may not see exponential growth (mostly due to P&D scams anyway) but we will see healthy, natural growth. It's a $100 billion market with tons of investors not even getting involved because they don't like the concept of it not being regulated. Yes, the SEC stepping in will definitely steer away some investors but I personally believe it will attract even more. Even though I'm a glass half full kind of guy, I still truly believe we will be just fine! Thanks for all of the replies everyone, keep on steemin!

Remember all ICOs are not considered securities. It has to pass the Howey test and or other factors.

What is the "Howey Test"... I figure I can google it but it might benefit both of us if you can give me the information here ;)

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