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RE: It's been Two Years Since Ross Ulbricht got a Life Sentence

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As an American living in Australia, I've been amazed by how short the prison sentences are here. The maximum drug trafficking sentence is 5 years. Even murderers get a maximum of 25 years (still not sure about that one). I find that Australians are much more compassionate towards prisoners and work hard to help them once they're out. It has helped me to see how unjust the US system is.

I'm really sorry for what you and your family are going through, and especially Ross.


Thank you. They made sure he was tried in NY, the worst place in the US for justice.

I think the primary difference is profit motive. In the USA there is a HUGE incentive to have an endless supply of prisoners not only to fuel private prison corporations, the logistical suppliers, law enforcement, and most importantly, USA's answer to China's sweat shops, prison labor. In prison, prisoners work for pennies producing goods sold on the open market. There is such a massive prison industrial complex in the USA, over 1% of our entire population is incarcerated. Slavery never really ended here, it just changed form.

Well put.

Completely agree and this is even before getting into the problem of for-profit prisons.

Where human beings are inventory. But the government prisons are a racket too.

Yeah that sucks. Very unjust.

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