Cryptocurrency world - starting to feel Concern over the ever increasing Greed .

in crypto-news •  last year

The promise of cryptocurrency to be more efficient than the old monetary system and to offer a lot more creative possibilities to conduct business for example , is I think, facing a setback in the form of a gaping orifice of Greed.

Aren´t you feeling even some distress when you see Icos almost weekly collecting 30 million , 80 million and 100 million purses from the greedy. And now there is this phenomena that new coinventures with Billion dollar marketcaps are popping on the For example Hshare came from nowhere and at the moment sits with a 922million dollar marketcap.

Cryptoworld is starting to look like a monster with never-ending appetite. It wants more. People want gigantuous profits. even a 200-300% yearly gains looks bad for some people. Alas! Keep your head cool and don´t let the greedyness that inhabits every mans mind take too strong a foothold. Maybe settle for less as the less in case of crypto is still huge Gains?!

And the forks past and upcoming that are creating fortunes out of nowhere are pretty insane as well.
I hope this madness will not cause setbacks for the revolution of crypto.

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