An Important Notice to Those Who Pre-Purchased GODcoin

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For those of you who have pre-purchased GODcoin tokens or have donated a tithe or offering to the clergy of Lord RayEl, an important notice was given by the CEO of GODcoin, Richard Ruff, yesterday. Please take note.

A number of people still have not completed the GODcoin registration process. This needs to be completed so you can receive GODcoin tokens when Lord RayEl takes His Throne.

Ensure you follow the process through completely.

Go to...
Enter your email, and record your private key safely (Do Not Lose It)
Complete the registration process.

New members are also welcome to register their email at GODcoin, where you will receive a free account, called a GODcoin Wallet.

This will be the New Kingdom currency, so it is wise to register for it.

Any donations given to the clergy of the EOC (above $10USD) will also be credited with an equal amount into your registered Wallet. Donations or pre-purchases can be made via my PayPal or the link in the above site.

A big thanks to all who have pre-purchased and continue to support the vision of the New Kingdom. May God bless and protect you.

This article was authored by Judith Monte, @belovebelight

There are many advantages to GODcoin especially since it is one of the few coins that will be backed by gold and silver. Not only does GODcoin offer the illuminated path towards a prosperous future, but very soon, it will be the global currency. To learn more, visit the following links:

Meet the King

View the white paper

View the Source Code

All information provided is available on the official website at



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