DAO's the partnership problem

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I've mentioned before in other posts about the DAO being considered a partnership. Here is more detail on the problems "a general partnership, unless properly formalized or a deliberately created structure, is a very bad thing.

Among other things, the members of a general partnership can end up jointly and severally liable on a personal basis for partnership obligations."

"a big concern to a DAO creator or participant regardless. Lacking assets or a legal form, I expect that a court would see the entity that isn't really an entity as a fiction and could allow a lawsuit to proceed against the individual members."

"To sue an unincorporated DAO, you'd start with its members.

If you can't find members, you sue the DAO's first mover: the person or entity that first created the DAO.

And how do you avoid this? If you're creating a DAO, consider whether this evolutionary structure might benefit from some basic corporate structure, and whether doing so really limits the DAO's functionality in a meaningful fashion."

Find more details in the following:

Links to other DAO problem post mentioning partnerships:

Then there is danthemans now classic post filled with real world DAC challenge experience:


Take a look at this video "Understanding TheDAO with Griff Green"
They speak about the problems you list here.

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