A Traders Guild For Crypto Traders IS NOW HERE.

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As I have said before, it is to everyone's benefit, specially those who are thinking into becoming a crypto trader to have a support base.

Well, now I have set up a system that will not be JUST A SUPPORT BASE. The Crypto Traders Guild can also give your crypto holdings some growth.

Those who can help in any form will be highly appreciated. Let us work together for this and more projects will be possible. We can even do humanitarian donations later on. Don't just focus on becoming rich quick! ;P although it is not impossible. :DD.

If you think you are already a PRO you can JOIN so you can share your valuable knowledge. If you think you need to learn more to improve your trading skill, its a very good platform to see realize that you are not alone. Lets make this a fun CRYPTO ORGANIZATION.

Here is the summary of what the GUILD can do for you as a member:

• 2 Year period rebates (ensuring that you will eventually get back your guild membership ITO traded Bitcoins)
• 20% per annum membership token growth, which will be sent monthly in 12 equal division for 2 years from the
end of ITO.
• Teaches you to properly trade crypto.
• Connects you to other like-minded people.
• Offers other fun activities for all guild members

So if you really want support, you want to learn and you may even earn in crypto trading JOIN THE GUILD!,

Initial Membership Token Offering(ITO) will start tomorrow.

Why don't you find out more by going to my original BTCforum post regarding this??

Yes, before I forget, there will be a 20,000 CTGTOKEN give-away TILL SUPPLY LAST, If you are interested to receive some, KINDLY COMMENT YOUR XCP Counterparty Wallet Address below and don't forget to upvote.

Get a Counterparty wallet., How to use it?.

Pass the word! -east

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OK, let's​ check&try it out :-)

I sent a PM @BitcoinTalk

  • sould I repost my XCP address here?

done done done
wallet counterwallet : 1FyDsXGXudeUfqjSa3KVbTVhG6ZYKce6Z6

Want to be a part of this cool project | Still have dream to learn crypto trading. So i'm in. Already tried to understand the basic by reading from Bitcontalk.org ANN. Looking forword to learn more!
Happy trading for all |


post your Counterparty wallet address so you can get 100 free CTGTOKEN.

Looks interesting :)
XCP Wallet: 18qThtKYaJS8Lp6gBtuCn8v2AwE6C311Uw


Noted. Kindly wait till the ITO has ended, then all the free tokens will be sent. Thanks for participating.

sign me up for this too

Read your treat at bct, interesting project
this my addy 1PFBqWUeXQ1JXxGNf68m1iZZeW8jZJqwBd


Good. Just make sure its an XCP wallet address...so ther'll be no trouble sending the FREE token to you. Welcome to the guild. Pass the word.


maybe this one 13RnW2jLMeTEf2LWEqwYQD6GkmHx9tksVD thanks

I'm in to try this out! 12AUTyD2cZdsimiZRZcsHaE6k8ZawdVDKT


Wise man :) now you got 300!


how do I see the 300?


youll receive it after the ITO