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1. What is PIVX?

PIVX is the acronym for Private Instant Verifiable Transaction. The PIVX development team has sought to create a unique coin that is aimed to become the next big thing in anonymous & privacy-focused currencies. PIVX was forked from Dash but has added staking, changed the algorithm to Quark, is upgrading the privacy tech from a simple coinjoin to a full blown zerocoin protocol integration which will quickly place PIVX atop the anonymous crypt currencies. 

PIVX is a very nimble group of crypto-enthusiasts who intend on making a very big splash, most people have been around Bitcoin for years and have been seeking for ways to grow beyond the simple blocksize debates, bitcoin drama and so forth. When you have an itching in your soul to change the world, PIVX will be here for you.  

2. Why would I need to know about PIVX? What makes it different from other anon coins such as Monero?

PIVX is much more than a simple privacy focused crypto currency, PIVX also has staking, a Masternode network, it's own manifesto to help ensure proper long term development and adherence to the privacy roots from which it was born.  PIVX also has a governance mechanism with which funding can be used for development of PIVX and PIVX related projects. 

Do you have skills you could bring to the table? Keep and eye on #PIVX and watch for your chance to jump in and lend a hand, and maybe earn some awesome PIV's in the process, depending on how difficult the tasks or projects may be, obviously.

3. Where can I purchase some PIV's? Where can I learn more about PIVX?

PIV's are for sale from multiple exchanges currently, with the easiest & most accessible of them being @Bittrex. Visit www.Bittrex.com, https://YoBit.net, www.EmpoEx.com, or https://www.cryptopia.co.nz for other exchange options. Poloniex is the next exchange being lobbied to add PIV's to their inventory so be ready!

If you would like to learn more about PIVX, please visit www.pivx.org, there will be a brand new website posted there in the coming week or so so stayed tuned for that, it will be a much needed upgrade over the old website which was merely a draft. 

Beyond that we welcome you to visit us on our wonderful slack channel at slack.pivx.org, we have many active users waiting to help you get up to speed on PIVX and get as excited as us about this new adventure we have ahead of us! There is plenty of work to be done, plenty of people needed to help support the massive growth we will surely see in the coming months into the PIVX community. 

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You know what bugs me about crypto marketing stuff? It seems like they almost never say which coin they're forking. Come on - I know this is a fork of something. Monero? Dash? If it weren't, they'd be bragging about their written-from-scratch codebase.
< /rant >


It's a fork of Dash with ALOT of chanegs coming up, and quite a few already built in too like the Quark algo instead of x11 and the goals of the two projects are completely different as well.


You just need to know where to look. Nothing is hidden grasshopper.


Not accusing anybody of obfuscating. Just ranting about marketing gibberish.

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