Coinbase GDAX announces open source trading tools

in crypto-news •  last year

In an interesting and useful turn of events, GDAX has announced it is releasing open source trading tools.

The GDAX trading toolkit

The GTT is designed to act as a set of Lego blocks to help you build automated trading and portfolio bots on crypto-currency exchanges. Here are the kinds of things we envisage you could build with a few hundred lines of code using the GTT:

This seems to be a way for Coinbase/GDax to encourage use of it's exchange. GDax is one of the only truly regulated exchanges out there.


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I just saw this too, very cool. I am very excited for all the new features and impact the blockchain and crypto is bringing! Great post Dana, RESTEEM'd!

Very good tools for developers, could be a good thing to create automatic trading bots.
Thanks for sharing

Its a good thing seeing positive news and awesome developments making headlines in the crypto-currency world.
Great post.
I just upvoted you

Coinbase is for beginners, stay away from it.

It's good to have additional functionalities being added. Not sure though how to capitalize on this new functionalities. Additional tips would be appreciated.