POPULOUS: the second big hit after Veritaseum?

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There has been quite a lot of activity in the cryptospace lately. During the past months, new and exciting blockchain projects are being funded while others are being launched. Blockchain initiatives such as Civic, EOS, Tezos, TenX, Status, FunFair, and AdEx are among the most famous. These highly innovative projects are catching the attention of both new and savvy investors. Amidst this crypto frenzy, there was one hidden project, which almost passed under the radar, it is called POPULOUS.

Populous is an invoice and trade platform with a profit sharing token. Based on Ethereum, it introduces a trading environment for investors and invoice sellers, from all over the world. Populous, a platform built using the latest blockchain technology, planned to launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from July 16 to August 16 this year.

However, after a quite successful Pre-ICO phase which started on June 7, finished faster than expected, after the maximum cap for its crowdsale was achieved at 39,600 ETH (less due to bonuses), the Populous Platform Token (PPT) is no longer for sale. Since PPT has been sold out, there will be no Populous ICO as initially planned; moreover, the token is expected to be available on exchanges (Ether Delta) after this coming Sunday 9th of July.

The British blockchain company Populous, behind the platform of the same name, will issue its own tokens (PPT), to remunerate Populous ICO contributors by offering a profit share, funded through Populous fees and services. In this sense, Popolus is the first invoice and trade finance platform on the Ethereum blockchain, marked by a tangible business plan. This long awaited asset token might well become an extremely unique first market mover, and the second highest impact asset token released this year after Veritaseum (VERI).

Have you bought your PPT and VERI token already? Any other crypto hit pairs for 2017?


Which exchanges will be selling populous on the 9th?


You might want to focus 'only' on Etherdelta exchange as of now in order to buy/sell PPT. URGENT MESSAGE: The slack bot is currently hacked. If you receive an email with a link to your wallet, in order to claim or receive Ether due to a new ICO bounty campaign, please abstain yourself to follow the link to your ether wallet, otherwise you might well lose your money, since you would actually make your ether wallet keys available to the hackers if you login to these fake sites.

If you follow Clif - dimcoin, blocktix, litecoin, pillarproject, adex, and of course the king daddy soon- PPT (Populous). I like Veritas but PPT will have it's day July 9th on etherdelta.

I can't wait for that... hope the price is good.

so we can buy july 9th on etherdelta? how do you know?

It's on the news. All the guys that follow populous know this information and are spreading it.

Very good article i agree populous will be a winner, just like veri.

I was lucky to get into both Veritaseum (VERI) and Populous (PPT). Veritaseum has been performing outstandingly well only on etherdelta (in addition to one other small exchange now since yesterday), but the big jumps are expected by nearly everyone to occur when it hits bigger exchanges, like Bittrex and Poloniex. CH's web bot has forecast 500 USD and later 5000 USD for VERI. Truly an epic creation of wealth, if this comes about.

PPT might turn out to be similar unicorn, which - given the size of market they're planning to disrupt - could well happen. There is a solid team, product and vision behind Populous, with clients already signed up and first-mover advantage. I see big things ahead for sure.

I wish I had two similar ICOs coming up, but there is nothing special or similar that I can see.

Maybe - but in one case, FunFair, the token lost 70% of its value initially after being listed on Bittrex. It is possible that PPT may also search for a bottom first before climbing up.

veri to get to 500 USD? like ETH?
you got to be joking

REAL LIFE applications!! you can not beat this, 95% of cryptos are a mirage only 5% are able to lock in blue chip companies that are big already for years. This is no joke.

I like your take on cryptoc space! We need a robust dialectic.

Very plausible. Holders of VERI can actually make residual income, which is why tokens like PPT and VERI will have huge increases in demand once people understand what can be done with them. Drop your VERI into a smart contract that creates a blended portfolio and sit back and profit.

I'm going to HODL and wait to start making residuals with it staking PPT for invoices.

its already listed on ED

Thanks for the intro to PPT. A steep learning curve lies ahead for me.

I'm on etherdelta but I don't see the buy side ? Maybe I'm not seeing this correctly. Can someone advise ?

Go to their twitter feed and see the new link to trade on Etherdelta

Hi, stick to Etherdelta exchange 'only' as of now to buy/sell PPT. Try to learn how to use it using different videos on you tube. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Thank u for this great post. I have one newbie stupid question. Let's say I bought some PPT on or after the 9th of July and wish to store it on MyEtherWallet. Do I need to search for an address to add new token before transfer or would trading on EtherDelta already provide me with the address? I hope you understand my question. Much mahalo. Aloha!

Your ether wallet supports all ether tokens and has a drop down list where you can see them all.
Your MEWallet will provide you its address to receive tokens.

Thank u my dear. I so appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day. Aloha!

To visualize the PPT on your MEW just go to add coins and put in this figures...

Input the following:

Address: 0xd14cCC72dF063db59386c371e00292CA529400ac
Symbol: PPT
Decimal: 8

If successful, you should see your from etherdelta transfered PPT in your wallet!


Oh dang! U r such a great help today. I sooo appreciate this so much. Much mahalo. Aloha!

Hi. Just an update. PPT send a new address yesterday. Thank u so much. Everything went well. I got me some PPTs. Aloha!

Glad to here!

Do you know if PPT is already traded on Xchanges... - because I can't see any Bid/Ask offers on etherdelta?!


Now PPT is live on etherdelta... - wish you the best for your investment!


is this address 0xd14cCC72dF063db59386c371e00292CA529400ac for ALL users to add to MyEither wallet ? please clarify thanks

No, you will generate your own. If you send to this one, the fine sir whose this address belongs to will receive your tokens :)

yall wanna take Clif woo woo and deep cryptos anytime let me know :)

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PPT has been on Etherdelta for a few days. I was looking at it on 7th July. I didn't buy any as I want to work out how to use this exchange, I am quite new to this. Clif High says PPT will be really good. Thinking about buying Antshares too.

etherdelta is more difficult to use than most. check a youtube video for help on how to use etherdelta. antshares and populous are 2 good coins to get:) best of luck

2 questions
1: Anyone know what time it comes out on etherdelta
2: More importantly, wonder when real exchanges like bittrex or poloniex will get ahold of it.

Thanks for the info. I was NOT expecting them to launch over a month early.
ICO fever is just crazy right now. Hopefully it's all over by fall.

PPT Tokens will be released 7:00-11:00pm GMT

Gotcha. Have you SEEN the buy orders? Who in world is putting these up? It's going to go through the roof and crash SO fast. 5 eth for ONE ppt????? lmao
I'll give that a "cmooooooooon maaaaaaaaaan"

*Oh, thank you for the info. Upvote for ya, my friend!

Have you heard anything new about when PPT will be put on the other exchanges like you asked last month? Such as Bittrex or Poloniex, etc.

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Good points in this article. I fully understand what you're talking about. I do believe most coins are currently overrated. But the future lies in blockchain. Does anyone know about: https://www.coincheckup.com For a complete crypto analysis on every single tradable crypto out there.

I may not be correct but the white paper said it would be pegged to GBP and USD when. Is this true?

PPT will have a secondary token know as a Poken. To use their platform you will purchase invoices in exchange for PPT. You will then receive Pokens pegged to the currency of the invoice (as I understand it) that will remain locked in a smart contract until the agreed upon settlement date. Once the invoice is settled you will get your PPT back and keep your share of the profits from the transaction in the form of dollar pegged pokens.

This explanation makes sense. Thank you. PPTs are exciting.

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