Stake up your ETH! - You will Get Free OmiseGO Coins Soon!

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Like Stellar Lumens - that has done 2 airdrops since it's launch to BTC and Ripple Holders - and Byteball, that also has done airdrops to BTC Holders, OmiseGo is next in following the steps of generosity.

On their recent press release, OmiseGO claims to wanna "give back" to the ICO-torn Ethereum holders:
"Token sales do take significant value out of ETH, often (but not always) without giving much back; a number of token projects present this problem in a significant way. Even though OmiseGO doesn’t, due to its unique economic construction, with this airdrop gesture we also wish to underline the topic of incentive alignment with the entire Ethereum community."

_ "Through our history with Ethereum, we have done our best to encourage an approach of simultaneous generosity and conservativism. This approach has worked well for us, but it is by no means perfect for everyone. We acknowledge that many people who have wanted to be involved with our projects have been unable due to one reason or another."_

But it looks like, that their generosity is not only charity-reasoned, but also a smart tactical move:
Still, we believe that introducing to a few hundred thousand account holders the possibility of being PoS validators will ultimately make the network stronger, and we hope it will create interest in OmiseGO and its underlying mechanisms as a new, complimentary construction to Ethereum for chain scaling and interoperability.

What is OmiseGO?

To keep is simple, OmiseGo is basically an e-wallet and payment platform that is operating across currencies and assets.

  • The important info you need to know is that the parent company, OMISE, is a very popular payment management platform in Southeast Asia, operating, Japan, Singapore,Indonesia and especially in Thailand.

  • Another very important fact is that the OmisGo advisory board consists of the most "crypto-Stars". Famous blockchain and Ethereum developers, Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, and the lightning network creator Joseph Poon are active advisors of the OmiseGO team and development.

What's coming next?

McDonalds' Thailand, with all it's 240 stores in the country, is going to promote OmiseGO.
That comes with the decision of McDonalds's Thailand to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment form. Therefore they partnered with OmiseGO to make it possible for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. holders to pay fast and easy for their orders. People will also be able to pay with OmiseGO, of course. We are waiting for the news to come out and OmiseGO to explose.

What are you gonna do?

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To make sure I'm not missing out on free OMGs, I don't have to do anything and the airdrop OMGs will just be automatically added to my ETH address?


Where should our ETH be to take advantage of this?

@althorius In your ETH Wallet, not in an Exchange.