BREAKING: Ethereum client geth has an error which is exploited right before ethereum devcon 2 !!

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(This post is constantly updated)

There seems to be an issue with the geth client for ethereum nodes at the moment.

Some bad guys want to harm ethereum. They exploited a bug in geth client which leads to fail all geth client based nodes.

The transaction payload that lead nodes to stop working can be found here:

What does the payload means in ASCII? 'Fahrt nach Hause' - that means Go home in english and possibly refers to Devcon 2 participators which starts September 19th 2016 (Monday).

You can see the issue reported on github here:

As far as we know only geth and not parity is affected. Thanks to different client the ethereum network is still running. (Ethermine mining pool) has switched to parity client, others will follow.

Gustav Simonsson from the Ethereum foundation wrote on reddit that the devs are working on the issue and a post will be made at the next hours.

EDIT2: Post can be found here
Twitter post from ETH Foundation:
Kraken stopped ETH Funding:
Poloniex stopped ETH Funding:

At the moment the network seems to be safe, hashrate is growing while people are updating to parity.
See the current stats @ or
Price fell for a moment and is now relatively stable a little over 0.02 BTC. (Price ticker here

Interesting part is: ETC is even more at risk. Anyone could run the same contract and transaction on the ETC chain. Bad part is that ETC has nearly 100% geth clients which would lead to network halt. If someone has bad intentions, that person could exploit the bug and run a 51% attack on ETC (it has way less hashrate). The trading on ETC (Kraken) is totally irrational though:
As we observe ETH and ETC have a strong negative correlation in their prices. However, ETC is even more at risk and price should fall even more. Shorting ETC would be a good idea now. Whatever.


The adress of the contract that exploits ('from Shanghai with love'):

Found these 2 transactions:
Payload: 'Weltreise' ('world journey' in english)
(not sure about the payload)

be careful when using @shapeshiftio and @blocktrades when you want to convert anything (e.g. SBD) to ETH. Not sure if their node is working!
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Stay tuned. I will update this post as soon anything happens!


Thanks great to see this important update on steemit

Thanks. No one has posted it yet so I had to... it's really important news

be careful when using @shapeshiftio and @blocktrades when you want to convert anything (e.g. SBD) to ETH. Not sure if their node is working!

Too bad there are no exchanges where I can margin sell ETC... :(

I think there is one exchange where you can short ETC. Don't know the name though

Thanks for the info. I also started a parity client, I hope it helps the network to recover.

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