WOW - Starbucks To Be Adding Crypto Payments / Coincheck Exchange Recompense / Tether: BREAKING NEWS

in #crypto-news2 years ago

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It's not hard to pick a coin for Starbucks, of course that would be STEEM coin or STEEM dollar because us Steemians are in the social network and Starbucks is where people go to not just have a cup of coffee but to socialize :)), I'm sure they want to be part of a social coin like steem that can bring them more business...hehe
PS, I'll be sending them a message to accept Steem and you can all do as well, cmon guys! :))


Steem would be a great choice in my opinion, but we will need a mobile wallet first

For sure, maybe Jerry Banfield can come with one...he is an investor on steemit and a witness...he is also developing a steemit app to exchage dollars to steem directly so we don't have to use Coinbase or other is more info on that, link below:

Yeh he would be a good candidate to arrange something like that

Exactly my thoughts. They could even connect it somehow to the steemit platform: post and geo tag yourself posting from one of the caffes and u get 15% off your Americano :)

This could be a game changer for steem, the first crypto interacting with a big food chain, others might join in :))

I'd sell that realtime info for no less than 99.9% off my SB coffee! - know your worth! :)

We need a large amount of the steem community to recommend this. But this really would be an insanely great idea. What a way to enjoy coffee.

the video is amazing.. bitcoin is amazing currency

Stellar and Steem would both work great as potential coins for them to accept. We will need to see reliable mobile wallets up and running first though

Ya.. you can tokenize a ponzi scheme and it's still a ponzi scheme.. doesn't mean crypto is the problem. But ya, some people will certainly run away with that message.

I guess in a weird way it's kind of ok. Things like BitConnect can be kind of like a containment ghetto for the people who want to hate crypto. Seems fine to let them wear themselves out that way rather than try to lie and distort about the good projects.

Starbucks accepting crypto is awesome!

Thanks for the weekend update. Very interesting to see what coin Starbucks will add. I'm thinking Bcash. Yes, hopefully everything is OK with Tether.

It seems impossible for the current blockchain technology to efficiently broadcast every purchase of coffee in the world. They have to imagine how big blockchain must be and how fast the transmission needs to be for it to efficiently process micro-payments. If big companies, such as Starbucks, that needs fast and simultaneous huge data trafficking capacity, then only Ripple, XLM or bitcoin with Lightning Network might be able accommodate these specifications. However, bitcoin's Lightning Network is still in its trial phase and there are rumors that it is not running smoothly. Also, since the big boss has already eliminated bitcoin as an option, it seems like Ripple or XLM is going to bag a huge partnership.

That's a very good point. Nowadays just few cryptos can hold the demand transactions, but this crypto world is changing very fast and no one nows what´s going to happen in the next months.
Whatever crypto which will be used for Starbucks payments will be completely beneficiary for cypto world and it will be a huge step to world adoption.
Next big company to adopt crypto payments could be Amazon which was aready on the news about this few months ago.

It's quite funny that they have announced this, because I always convince my friends that the best way to invest in bitcoin is to quite spending so much at Starbucks and to invest into the crypto space instead.

WHAT!! Whatever Starbucks adds is going to get boosted. I am better on:

  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • BCH

Not sure any of them are really fast enough. Steem, Stellar and Eos might be though...

My vote is with LTC. It really is quite simple and cheap to move around in my experience.

Bitcoin Cash using zconf transactions would be super cheap and fast.

That would be great for customers and safe enough for Starbucks, even without advanced wallet implementations.

Bitcoin cash would be a retail nightmare. Branding to similar to Bitcoin. Would be loads of people sending bitcoin to bitcoin cash address and wondering why they are not getting their coffee

The addresses are different formats. It's easy for the cashier to see on a screen that the transaction was sent to the correct address and QR codes could be used to make it even easier for everyone involved.

Yes.. For me and you checking address is normal. But to have two logos that are so similar in thousands retailers is going to make thousands of mistakes. I wouldn't want that problem if I was a retailer. Parent gets Bitcoin from child for christmas, parent goes into Starbucks I have some of those bitcoin things, person working in Starbucks is rushing like they do and doesn't check the parents phone, sent the bitcoin to a bitcoin cash address, money is gone... Easier to just use litecoin and not deal with that Hugh problem. Must people don't know their is 20 types of Bitcoin

  • That doesn't happen with the new addresses unless you yourself opt for a bad wallet (and QR codes avoids having to type it in).
  • Litecoin can also be sent to the wrong address in the same manner.
  • Now even the logos have been updated to further the distinction.

There really is only one type of "Bitcoin" now. The legacy chain often known as Bitcoin in the past is no longer operating as anything but a settlement layer for the developing Lightning Network, which may of course turn out fine.

Bitcoin Cash however is Bitcoin per the design paper and may get any number of updates or optional layers in the future.

Oh... Sorry, I don't do Blockchain politics. All that, there only one true Blockchain stuff. I just use whatever best at getting a job done, like now I'm using Steemit Blockchain.
I promise you in 10 years we will still have bitcoin and bitcoin cash, so arguing which is the true one, is a waste of time. My opinion is Satoshi invented Blockchain to disrupted finance, because of problems caused 2008 and his done it. Not with bitcoin but with the whole crypto currency space. He started it all with open source technology. This is just the start, but I think his done what he wanted to achieve. My friend enjoy the whole crypto space... Don't feel like you have to be loyal to one.

There are no hard feelings, just correcting the information so that it's accurate.

Nobody said there was or had to be only one blockchain. Forks and alts are great to have. I'm enjoying myself and the technology, as I hope you do too.

Thanks for sharing!

Lets try to make them add steem, steem is the perfect choice:
You can send it to a username and its free from transaction fees!

Awesome news. Thanks for sharing.

What cyptocurrency can handle the volume of a corporate retailer that large? What cryptocurrency charges a lower fee than VISA or MasterCard? The fee needs to be less than 10cents in order to compete with VISA on a $3 coffee. What crypto settles quickly?

Bitcoin obviously doesn't meet these requirements....yet.
Ethereum comes close...unless someone launches an app that's actually used. Lulz.
Litecoin is borderline, but may pass since it is so reputable.
Steem makes the most sense, but it would seriously surprise me if they picked a coin this low in market cap.
I just really hope that they don't decide to pick something centralized like Ripple. Gah the Ripple investors would never shut up then.

When all the experts in a community are telling you something looks sketchy and dangerous, it most likely is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. It is only a matter of when.

Every centralized exchange will eventually be hacked, steal users funds, or have its funds seized by governments. Switch to a decentralized exchange. If we all did that, then there would actually be enough liquidity on DEX's for them to be competitive.

The videos after Tether fails will be epic. Maybe even better than the biiiiitttcoooonect mixes.

Carlos is the only good thing that came out of the whole Bitconnect scam. A literal living meme...


Of course steem would be the best option - it quick, its free, its easily available. But probably this is either a market gag and they will chose bitcoin ( which makes paying impossible with current transaction prices) or they will do their own dollar pegged star buck coins...


I was watching Joe Rogan's podcast and this topic came up. It was in regards to speed of transaction. We tend to think our credit cards are fast at completing funding transfers, but it takes them 30 days... Bitcoin can be confirmed in seconds once funds leaves account...

Nice Call Starbucks!

thanks for share crypto news

Hi Crypt0
What I think about Starbucks and Crypto-Currency
Would have to be in the top 10 currency to have a big enough community
Bitcoin, problem with speed and free
Ethereum, Good choice
Ripple, Not enough community bank coin
Bitcoin cash, To easy to mix up with bitcoin, will be a retail problem
Litecoin Good choice
Or maybe Dash and the other coin haven't got enough time behind them to prove they are here to stay

LOL at the carwash. Lets do the loudest thing you can do in a car while doing a video. Priceless! But seriously awesome video as always Omar. I personally would bet on LTC for Starbucks as I honestly feel Litecoin is going to shock people this year with its real-world use cases and gamechanging releases. A lot of people write Litecoin off in the shadow of Bitcoin but I think this is the year Litecoin will show it doesn't take the shadow to anything, not even Bitcoin. Should be interesting!

I trust it is either electroneum or Litecoin. On the off chance that they think of their own coin, at that point aw man

this is great news!! I go to starbucks and trade crypto everyday.

If Starbucks started accepting Crypto, it would be so huge for the space! I could think of very few other retailers with the global presence and sheer number of consumers I'd rather have than Starbucks on our side! There are few better companies to help Crypto go mainstream!!!

As a zero fee transaction coin STEEM would be perfect, and Starbucks would also save on payment processor fees. Just need to get a mobile wallet up and running...

Now I can pay for my $10 coffee in Crypto ... Nice

Thanks for giving us a new message abot ethereum & so on.
@Resteem & follow has done.

Doesn't matter which crypto they decide, what matters is that it will add to the overall adoption which will ultimately lead to get more retail/commercial businesses involved in the space. Definitely great news for everyone!

Yes, why not? In Prague we have coffee bar named Paralelni polis accepting bitcoin for ages:-) But thanks for your post, upvoting you!

this is very informative blog dear @crypt0

.thanks to you for sharing..i praise
Carry on

i will wait for your next blog..

I hope they use XRB!

For starters, speed. A problem that has bothered many cryptocurrency users. Raiblocks is faster, more effective and cheaper than Bitcoin cash with zero fees involved making any transaction spontaneous. By rejecting the “mining” process and blockchain method introduced by Bitcoin, Raiblocks has been able to make single transactions almost instantaneous.
The Raiblocks seem to have an amazing product, which is faster, environmentally friendly, and also anonymous the same way that Bitcoin is. The crypto is increasing its availability and just announced on Twitter that it will soon be available on the popular crypto-exchange Binance.
At the modest price of $19.00 USD, many investors and developers seem very excited about Raiblocks Investments. The cryptocurrency is one of the few that resisted the whole market downfall
If you arent already invested in Raiblocks (XRB) I'd highly advise you to take advantage of this low price of 19$ before it jumps to 100$+. This coin could very easly take place of Bitcoin in 2018!!

What are your thoughts?

Thanks a lot for sharing and discuss
About Bitcoin

Thats great cryptocurrency news.wonderful video about crypto news,its helpful for us.litecoin,eth and BCH better i think.

Great news, thanks for posting, maybe this is the BIG news charlie Lee (Developer of LITECOIN) was talking about?!?! - upvoted and following.

wow good news.
Thanks for sharing...

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.@crypt0 sir...😍😍😍😍

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Nice post! Have you guys heard about Ethereum Classic update?

Inaccurate, the blog post specifically states that they will NOT be adding crypto in the near future.

Great! LTC, doge, or steem would be awesome if they added them 😁

Very informative, thanks for keeping the community updated outstanding post!

Video amazing

Thank you for keeping us updated. I use USDT so hopefully they are telling the truth about having amount of $$ available. I use it when I'm swing trading but nevertheless, whatever happens, happens. We'll survive. ;-)

Good for crypto, maybe not so good for iced coffee drinkers. There May Be a Little Poop in Your Starbucks Iced Coffee....

Allow me to say “thanks for easy sharing the most important news on the crypto” mate :)
Also, I would see an important marketing component for Starbucks to accept Steem (not to use it internally, between branches - for a corporation to do that would mean a lot of small other wheels to be turning but in order to move those wheels you need time, consistency and stability not only in the crypto you are using but the whole sector). I’m a young one in the community but as an old pro-bono blogger I fell in love with in 2 days and I think the community has huge potential. They could clearly be marketing the steemit content communities to their caffes with incentives and help grow. Could be a natural, organic thing. Many of us are already creating and posting content here while sipping one of their coffees :)

Yes I am having an awesome saturday and I hope you are doin fine too. Interesting info. thanks

Much love Omar!

Starbucks is potentially huge.

All we need to do is get STEEM DOLLAR stable again and it's the perfect choice. Fast, free micro-transactions and a large network effect already. It's a no brainer.

Guys, please actually listen to what Omar is saying about Tether. Them not going through with any audit ever is total horseshit. He makes that face because he's not trying to freak you guys out, but he is urging you to look into this issue. This is your money at stake. Your funds could be frozen at any exchange instantly and you would have no recourse as they exit scam you.

Most exchanges use Tether. Tether is probably about 20% of net cash inflows into crypto. That is not a small amount. That few exchanges have fiat conversion is going to create a disastrous scenario for those who still have coins and funds at exchanges.

This is not Mt. Gox. This will be larger. Please understand the implications of this as it relates to your investments' safety at the institutions that you place trust in. Please understand that this CAN potentially go on for much longer but it's just as likely to collapse very soon. They have tried very hard to paint the tape above the 10k line.

If you think prices will only correct 20% then you are misunderstanding the situation completely. The article I linked on Omar's last thread gives a detailed history of bitcoin's price and how it relates to Tether.

This shit will implode and yes the prices in fiat will fucking collapse but he's right, it's necessary for this to implode or else crypto will always have this specter looming over its head and that will continue to scare away legitimate investment in the industry. Going forward just keep your coins safe, keep yourselves informed and on top of the news, because it's going to get fucking wild out there.

Thanks for a great update @crypt0 your one of my favorite sources for crypto news! Gotta put my satoshis on Starbucks accepting Dash or LTC...

Starbucks? It surprises me but I don't mind another way to use my crypto.

I was feeling kind of blue a moment ago but when I read this news it made me so happy :D I belive so much in cryptocurrencies that for me this is a move forward :)

LMAO!!! "Maybe the carwash wasn't a good idea..." :)) Hey, lesson learned. Still a great video. Oh, and that's messed up about Tether... I was always skeptical of them for some reason

My vote is with LTC. It is pretty inexpensive and quick to move around.

Thanks for the update and the usefull links.

People like you sharing tips of DOs and Don't DOs are helpful to new steemians like me ;)

Death to Fiat

I like they are trying hard to get everyone from last year that were hesitant to invest in crypto to see how its being adapted by many businesses and now it looks like all purchases will be in crypto in the not so distant future. great post.

lots of people talking about it... any ideas of who it will be???? the coin will be going up for sure because of it!

great info,keep up great work's really nice [email protected]
thank for share it

I hope it is either electroneum or Litecoin. If they come up with their own coin, then aw man!

@crypt0 said in the video that Starbucks stated they were not making their own coin. My vote is with LTC due to my experience as it being an easy and inexpensive coin to move around.

Exciting times

Great article! Check my blog to read my new post about cryptocurrencies!

Big news @crypt0 . don't worry we still could hear you in the carwash :) i would not be surprised if they went with XRP as a payment. Lets hope whey choose LTC instead. Thanks for sharing.

Do you have a link to the Starbucks claim?

when the lightning network comes out why would they not accept bitcoin?

Great information. I'm looking forward to following crypto-news in the future. Keep up the good work!

One Coffee and Crypto please, perfect combination! Thanks for sharing!

That's very interesting!