Will Government Stop Crypto? / Segwit2x Opt-In Replay Attack Protection/ Brazil Integrating uPort

in crypto-news •  last year

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Hi crypt0,
Thanks for sharing

It might never happen, government will be in need of crypto itself, we can't stay in Middle Age


Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?

Great talk, especially at the end about enslave system! Have a great day :)

Many government are coming forward to adopt this new digital revolution. Even north korean investors are investing huge money in crypto market by the support of their govt. Crypto will make every govt will realize that it's the future of the digital money.

I think that all crypto is somewhat of a ponzi scheme as well as the stock market...

I don't think so NOW its not possible to stop crypto specially bitcoin is unstoppable Cheer :-)

Great info here, @crypt0. I'm really looking forward to learning more about Singular DTV. My daughter is a musician and I have hopes that blockchain and token ecosystems will help her and all artists with digital rights and royalties, while minimizing the middle man. It can also help eliminate "creative accounting" in Hollywood, which as a screenwriter in my past life I've been victim of.

I'm just starting to research and write about blockchain & crypto. Since so many people are getting into ICO investing, I've just created a handy chart for separating out the "visionaries" from the "opportunists," based on a recent investors conference I attended -- it's a great tool for us all to decide whether any ICO under consideration is good bet:
https://steemit.com/blockchain/@futurehuman/are-you-looking-at-a-visionary-or-an-opportunist-a-comparison-chart-for-blockchain-ico-investors .

Also, this post discusses some of the challenges that people face in investing in this fast-paced market: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@futurehuman/the-rise-of-the-ico-and-bad-actors-three-hazards-for-blockchain-investors-to-bear-in-mind-in-today-s-hot-marketust

Interesting topics you covered. I liked the most your overview of government vs crypto.
Although I am from Europe, we are watching closely how US government will solve this question. Can they pass a law that regulates crypto in a way that it should be semi centralized? Can they come up with something even more evil? How will it influence the whole world? Many questions appear here.

Thank you for the video, I will share it with my followers. Resteemed.

They can't stop crypto because it is almost impossible to stop people accessing the internet with out damaging the economy, they will try to stop btc and other big cryptos but that will just lead to the birth of others that are anonymous. Most banks and governments don’t like the currency aspect of it because they can't control it as easily as fiat you can create fiat with little resistance (QE) but it is impossible to do so if there is o control over supply like in crypto.
But I think some governments might implement the blockchain technology for other things like the internet on a blockchain rather than how it is now.

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if they do this then govt. will go back hahah

I don't know about other crypto, but bitcoin can't be stopped!

Love your videos. So insightful for us new to the crypto world!
Thanks so much!!

Great video!

They will try, but nothing can stop bitcoin! :)