Theymos of Blockstream removes Bitpay (and others) from the "Open-Source" Bitcoin github

in crypto-news •  2 years ago

 "BitPay is fraudulently passing off btc1 as Bitcoin software to which people are required to upgrade. This is highly unethical and a violation of the hard fork policy. Therefore, this pull request removes from any references to BitPay and their software/services Copay and Bitcore. "

I think Blockstream may have gone off the deep end this time.

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Thanks for sharing this news as a separate flash post. You're awesome!

This is gonna be an absolute shitfest. Claiming bitpay was fraudulent by not telling their miners that by using the version they were using they would get forked. Just goes to say they WILL NOT UPGRADE to 2mb. Services that need cheaper transactions are gonna get into trouble by paying the high fees for all their clients.

Is this the same account as jeff garzik was tweeting about? Blockstream is making themselves seen clearly. Do you think that they want a split?

There is pretty much no way 2x is happening at this point. Never really understood delaying the hardfork after segwit anyway.


So Blockstream pretended to not oppose the NY agreement and played along to get SegWit activated, and now that SegWit is a done deal, they start sabotaging the 2x portion of the SegWit2x plan? Am I missing something here?


Pretty much sums it up.


No, I don't think you are. You could see this is was how it would go down from miles away.

"thirds rule strategy" You have lately been RESTEEMED in THIRDS by Frank III

Thanks for sharing

Seems odd they would blatantly do this. What could be their motivation?


Blockstream has the motivation to remove Jeff Garzik, who is lead the developer on segwit2x. Blockstream has never wanted a MB increase, and won't allow the community to have it ( and in this case because it bypasses them as developers).

Blockstream has been toxic to bitcoin since the beginning. Makes me wonder if there is a crash coming.


Hmm, you may be right about a possible major correction.

what! That is insane seriously remove bitpay

Great post Omar! Thanks.

Why the bitcoin community lets Theymos control so much when NO ONE knows who he is?? Crazy.


his real name is Michael Marquardt. He is around 31 years old. It's crazy that the main flow of information comes from bitcointalk, and yet he controls that channel completely. He is the administrator.


Never knew hes identity was known.

Yes, he controls bitcointalk and reddit as well? Now Github? Or have I understood wrong? Reddit /r/bitcoin sub is well known for blatant censorship for years now but people don't have the tools to see it.

Thank you for the heads up. I hadn't heard of them but now I know. I use bittrex and Coinbase. I don't like poloniex thanks to a previous heads up from you Crypto, they are popular but they delay payments.

Should be removed if they deviate from existing rules @crypt0


This is the same line of reasoning that was used to justify his silencing of any and all debate on the matter of scaling over at /r/Bitcoin.

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Thanks for keeping us informed, @crypt0
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Thanks for the information .. i am happy to see this news .. help devoted me

yea to see this i also think blockstream may have gone off the deep end this time @crypt0 sir

If my BTC are in Copay, ¿are they in danger? ¿what is the best multisig alternative?

I love this new please keep up